S&P 500 erases its loss for the year as stocks rally on reopening optimism


You know we look at states re opening and some of the positives of that stocks closed higher the nasdaq composite set a record on Monday so that's good there's been a rally there's hopes of the rebound from the down turn from the corona virus and I you know I said all the time it's like standing at the craps table no matter what's going on but let's face it lots of people have money in the stock market United to be a trillion there to have that you can have a four oh one K. you work for a company where they match it or whatever so there is enthusiasm I think about the re opening and that sent stocks higher which is good the broader S. and P. five hundred climbed back within four point five percent of its own record with that optimism so that's that's solid watching the stocks that would benefit the most from an economy that's growing again rose the most including small companies airlines oil producers because they would benefit the most that would shoot up that makes sense and of course Friday when there was the announcement that two point five million jobs were added to payrolls that helps to because they were expecting to see eight million more lost and instead got that news so that shot the

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