James Baldwin: The 1967 Detroit Riots



Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the work of James Baldwin and in particular this one speech that he gave about the racial problem in America. We're GONNA. Hear a click. Today is from Horace, vase nine thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine short film called Baldwin's and word, and like so much work. It feels like he's describing this very moment in time, and then the other thing you'll hear I think is his patriotism James. Baldwin wanted to make our country and world the best possible place for everyone that is true of people protesting in one, thousand, nine hundred. Hundred Sixty seven that he describes, and it's also true with people protesting today hearing from Queer figures like James Baldwin it always makes me feel just a little bit more grounded, and I think it also show is why we unfortunately have to continue to say yes. Black lives do matter and I sang. Nut is also just the beginning of the work that we have to do so to that. We've got some links in the show notes. If you're still looking for resources for how involved where to start, he'll check all those out and then without further ado. Here's James Baldwin. School really was the streets of New York City. My frame of Reference was George Washington and John Wayne. And you are formed by what you see choices you'd have to make and later discover what it means to be black in new. York I know how as you grow older, you watch in the richest city in the world the richest. Nation in the world. In the Western World I know how you watch as you grow older. Literally This is not a figure of speech. The cost of your brothers and your sisters pile up around you. Not for anything they have done. They were too young done anything. And the case to help. What one does realize is that? When you try to stand up. And the world in the face like you had a right to be here. When you do that without knowing this the result of it, you have attacked. The entire power structure of the Western, world. And speak plainly. We know. Everybody knows. No matter what recessions in my unhappy country maybe? But we are not. Bothering people out of existence in the name of freedom. Concerned with freedom, boys and girls, not as Istan here, the perishing streets of Harlem. We are concerned with power nothing more than that. In most unluckily for the Western world is consolidated its power. On the backs of people who are now willing to die. Rather than be used. Any longer. In short. The economic range in the Western world. Food to be too expensive for most of the world. And the Western world will change US arrangements. All these arrangements will be changed for them. This is what it's beneath all the rhetoric. And all those ashamed speeches coming from my president. This imposes on us then. Very considerable burden. I for example do have in principle least choice. I can make a living. And well enough known to be an ornament. And Short I could ally myself on the side of what I most seriously considered to be. A criminal nation. But if I can't do that. All the reasons that I can. When is tried? I tried for a long time and I don't person. Things I wrote things I said. That I was alone. I'm using myself as an example. You to my. White and black. Nature of a danger. And where we were going to go if he cannot resolve. The situation cities and then I'll streets now houses. If they come. When you realize that you cannot make yourself heard that people who? You are addressing plea on the previous ever super. One Saying, look at it. Get all the mountains of nonsense that had been written. And everything has been set. What you look at what is happening in this country? What really happening is the brother has murdered brother knowing it was his brother. White men have been negroes to be their son. Why women have had negroes burn knowing to be their love. It is at a ratio problem. Is a problem whether or not you're willing to look at your life and be responsible for it. And then begin to change its. That Great Western House I come from one house. Nine one of the children that house. Somebody on the most despised child that house. And it is because the American people are unable. The face of fact tonight back I'm flesh out their flesh. Bone of your bone. Created by them. My blood! My father's but is in that soil. They can't say that. And that is why. The Detroit another plane. And when has got to decide I think? The actual. And the moral base. which the world we know now rest. Obsolete. And deposit obsolete. They're wicked. As well as their obsolete, they are oppressive. Is simply not conceivable. That's another five hundred years of two hundred years or one hundred years. Should live and die. In the minds. Being, treated like animals to make other people rich. Civilization which is doing this. By doing this doomed itself. And it's not possible. To agree with it. Nor the possible to compromise with it. As much the much overused word. And it may not be as real as slavery. A very concrete thing. But freedom loved ones actor, and as it cannot I suppose beginning. Then obviously must. Take.

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