Cooking Up a Storm with Chef Del

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I want to welcome chef del Shrove. To the plans drawn PODCAST DEL YOU and I. You know I I met you back in two thousand in nine believe it or not? Thousand Nine I got invited to the wellness forum. By Pam. To come talk about the the release of my first book. Engine two diet and that's when I first met you wonderful? Wonderful Gentle appreciative Dell and you're in the kitchen. If I'm not mistaken and I think you are sitting there with your crock saw. You're out. You're kind of your chef. Outfit on and you had. A some sort of a greater I think you are grading lemons, oranges, making dusting dusting and. I just remember the the minute I met. You I was like this very special man, and you got a special special attitude towards life as well and your profession. Remember. I have a picture of unit Pan mnay in that kitchen and the one I remember. Is I remember I made one of your recipes. I think your Mac and cheese. Yes yes yes, you accused me of changing your recipe because you said it tasted better than yours. Well it now knowing what I know about you now it doesn't surprise me not. Not In the least, but so before we get into some so what I want to do with you today, del is want to talk about some of the cookbooks that you've written some of the successes that you've had those then I'd love for our audience here about some of your kind of your your tips and tricks. When it comes to cooking techniques and I'll, I'll serve those up for you and not on the tail. End I'd love to talk them out. Personally You're the path that you've been on some of the struggles that you've had with with eating maybe with your health, and how other people that I'm sure that are out? There are going through the same struggles, and and what advice you might have for them by sharing your story. So. Let me. Launch Him I. Ask you this question, Dal, so you've written if I'm not mistaken for different cookbooks. Is that correct maybe more? I'M GONNA. Say Four. I'm GonNa let me listen off for you. You wrote the for forks over knives cookbook, the China Study Family Cookbook the China Study, quick and easy cookbook and better than Vegan cookbook does. Does. Just me saying those make you exhausted. It does and I am I. If you know the story about even the forks over knives, cookbook I had ninety days to write that manuscript. Maybe time contract to the time I turn it in three hundred recipes in ninety days. I find that hard to believe. But it explains a lot of we'll talk about later. but and I was writing. I was writing another I was writing better than Vegan when they approached me about forks over knives, so I set that aside and dove into that cookbook. So, it's. It's a lot. That's four cookbooks in four years. Well that's yeah. That's insane and. Of all those cookbooks I would imagine. The one that has done has probably sold. The best may not be your favorite, but the one that's sold the best. has been the forks over knives cookbook over three hundred recipes. I mean D- home I want to set this up. You've got over four thousand two hundred seventy six ratings. Right for that book. You wrote that thing August two, thousand twelve. It is consistently in the top hundred, two hundred of books on Amazon. How did that book and the success of that Book Change Your Life? Oak a completely. Imagine. I I never really thought about. The possibility that a book like that would be successful I can see selling cookbooks than using it as a platform for teaching, which I love doing, and all that, but never did I foresee that it would be this spring board for a career in public speaking. For the amount of teaching I get to do and for actually taking the time off eventually. To explore other possibilities. I mean it it still is my my my base in common allows me to do a lot of different things including checking this time now to work on my own house so I never who knew right? Brian I taught went down. Who? Is Co owner of forks over knives. We talk once a year like who knew we were both there sort of laugh about it.

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