Good Habits for Weight Loss


Dishing up nutrition. If you're just tuning in this morning I'm Shelby Olsen. I'm a licensed nutritionist an in studio with me as clear Leah Klein. With a tongue twister! Clear no Leah Klein Schroeder. Who is a registered and licensed Dietitian? Let's face it. We are in the midst of some of the most stressful times we have had in our country. Over the last several decades so. When we think about stress as nutritionists and Dietitians, we are looking at stress so differently. We understand that stress can affect our sleep. Stress can affect our cravings, and really stress can affect all aspects of our physical, our mental and our emotional help health. You know what I'm working with clients and they're struggling with sleep. You know they ask me shelby. What if I took some sleeping pills with that be affects. Would that kind of get me over? The Hump and the real answer is. Really coming back to your nutrition and your lifestyle habits so. If you are just joining us our topic for today is senator centered around this idea of good habits for weight loss now as Tristesse Dietitians. We can help you with a plan specifically to help you with weight loss, but we can also help to make sure that you're getting a good night of sleep. We can stop those cravings, and we can really put together an individualized plan to help improve your physical, your mental and your emotional health now because of the covid nineteen. Restrictions and some of the stay at home orders. We have pivoted. We are doing all of our counseling via zoom video chats or phone. If you have questions or if you're interested in learning more about that, give us a call at six, five, one, six, nine, nine, three, four, three eight, or you can go to our website at weight and wellness dot com to schedule that now before we went to break, I just wanted to highlight one of the things that Leah said. With Our Name Nutritional weight and wellness, even though the weight comes first. We are so focused on wellness and I. Remind my clients and my class participants this day in and day out. When you have total health and wellness, the weight loss comes. So as nutritionists Dietitians, we are wanting to problem solve. Any of those lifestyle or nutrition habits to help you have that wellness and we are not going to. Put together a plan that. Would sacrifice you feeling crummy day in and day out just to see the number on the scale move. Though, even though we're nutritional, weight and wellness, we want to be very clear that. We're looking at you as a whole person and we wanna make sure that that wellness is coming into play. So before we went to break, we were talking more specifically about all. Our first habit that we shared of eating a balanced breakfast and Leah I know you talk about eating a balanced breakfast in your sleep. I think we all could. But you know we're looking at the component of some animal protein. Some colorful carbohydrates like some berries or some spinach, or maybe even having some sweet potato, and having some natural fat like butter or Almond butter, or having a half of Avocado, or even having some canned coconut milk. Having that balance of the three is something we talk about day in and day out right right and I know that you love the research. So can you tell us a little bit more about what the research says about a balanced breakfast? Yes, absolutely, we have to talk about the research i. mean a lot of what we do here is based on the research. So what if they? What is research found about? Balanced breakfast so? There's numerous studies out there. That show a beneficial effect of eating a higher protein breakfast like protein, just for a second no protein as shelby mention and we do. We are big proponents of those animal based proteins, things like eggs and chicken and fish and beef and Turkey and pork. But a high protein breakfast has a wonderful effect on our appetites. Balancing out our hormones and keeping energy levels stable throughout the day and especially in teenagers. Yeah I know. Maybe you can relate shelby I know. As when I was a teenager, breakfast was not my favorite thing, I was I was definitely not a morning. person so I needed something like super easy, and I didn't I know. I definitely didn't make the best balanced choices at that point, Bolia. My Dad's still my parents listen to the radio. Show and my dad says you forgot to tell about the toaster strudel. Or you've got to tell them how we would buy cereal, and that sort of thing, so yes, I was totally eating high sugar breakfast kind of standard American Diet Duff or Running out the door without anything. Yep Yep Yep same here so parents tell it all sometimes, don't they? So. You have a eating so eating that more high glycemic breakfast so a breakfast. That really has a big impact on blood sugar. Something like that cereal and the skim milk the waffles with the Syrup, a high car breakfast bar. Those are not going to be very satisfying. They don't have a lot of protein in them, and they're gonNA start you on that blood sugar roller coaster throughout the day, and when your blood sugar is on a roller coaster, so is your energy level. Though are those cravings your moods and And Moods Guy and low and high and low exactly everything everything else goes on that that roller coaster, also,

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