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Welcome to. Episode Two forty seven. Where later on we'll talk about famous musicians, homes and To, do the story I saw one country post a whole story about Taylor swift multiple million dollar homes. They kind of walked through all of our houses. She has right now. which is pretty crazy, I think it's thirty million dollars in total. So that's what Eddie and I talked about in a little bit, so you WanNa, hang out for that, but the whole site is. Call. One Country Dot Com and they say. Does she live in New, York or Los Angeles Nashville or Rhode Island, but the answers all of them. And they go through her Nashville place when she first started to make money by the two million dollar Nashville place where she knocked out the wall and I know where this place is. It's right next to music. Do you know what I don't know well I don't know if they're that much, but do you know where Taylor owns? No I should say. Right near the radio station. In Rhode Island. She has a twelve thousand square foot beach mansion fayed seventeen point seven five million dollars for it. So she has all summer parties. Someone broke into and it. Is it I think so well looks like a fortress. But there is a lot of grass surrounding. It's you could get to like in new. York, she bought these two apartments, and not to wall out, and the modest third and knocked another wallowed. So! They. Have that dinner for twenty five million dollar. I guess it's more than thirty dollars. Because in two thousand fifteen purchase the estate of Movie Mogul Samuel Goldwyn for twenty five million. So they gives her to oems in. Nashville wants to parents an awesome apartment in New York a beach house in Rhode Island Mansion in California. Yeah, that's way more than thirty million dollars. Agatha her. so we talked about a lot of people that are dead and alive and their homes and let's. ETC So. Glad you guys are checking it out on. Fridays, if we put one up, we highlight a lot of music came out today Cain Brown shared a new song called worldwide beautiful. Here's a clip of that. Tell me I ain't GonNa Change. When I looked at was the number one song and all formats this morning on to come on and see where it was before we landed. Go through some of the other new stuff. Brantley Gilbert has a new song called hard day's check it out. Concern. Shoe shoe for. Tyler released only truck in town. It's a four song EP. So, we haven't heard from afar and a little bit. We'll try to get them on an episode a next week. Bobby cast. But here is a song called Heaven on dirt. S. Making. Let's see. Carly peers has cover of cowboy. Take me away I'm assuming this. Yup Okay here we go. ME. This girl is. Kid Walk. Yuck. Canaan Smith has a song called colder than you so here's some canes. Fast in. BLUE INK COLOR! Gone West Relief of Acoustic version of what could have been because we laugh. down. Abbas! Money on. Cable. So tell me about run the jewels. Hip Hop duo. They put out A. Early this week why? Because with everything going on the world. They felt it was kind of about that, so they put it out early, but it's just two days early albums come out on. Friday came out Wednesday. Also, it's been out a couple. Couple of that's. That's why I was confused. Okay, run the released their album a couple of days ago and This is called. with the money Sinus, the s the s with L. and Zach Della Rocca from rage against the machine. Here you got. Twenty twenty. Avenue. Yeah, that's him. He sounds good. Yeah, that's what I was surprised, but I was never really. Rap. Album. I. Forget to crew. As far as socially conscious views, it goes. Rage against the machine was a standard. And sounds contemporary. Yeah, that's what I was surprised by like. Well, that's him. When I was a teenager, we would listen to ragent. Singing about stuff that idea about at the time a lot of social injustice? That was their platform. For. A lot of different areas, but I mean the perfect group. To bring in now, that was saying the same stuff back then right, but to hear him just. In that song as a fifty year old school

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