The Return on Investment Grant Question


Okay Andy Andy we are going we are to going need to to need file to file a couple a of couple extensions of extensions for our for form our form nine ninety nine ninety and we and have we grant. have Our grant. of teas Our of were teas responding were responding to that are to asking that are asking for our for most our current most current form. form. We expect We expect we'll have our we'll have twenty our nine twenty thousand nine nine hundred thousand ninety nine hundred ninety by the end by of the the end year of the year if not if a bit not sooner. a bit sooner. What do we do What in do the we meantime? do in the meantime? Is there anything Is there else anything we else can we or can should or do should to ensure do to this ensure doesn't this doesn't make our organization. make our organization. Look bad Look to bad the funder. to the funder. No No I think I think in this in this situation situation I think funders I think are funders probably are probably going to be going to be okay okay with that. with that. I mean I mean most most organizations organizations extensions extensions before they're before nine nine they're hundred nine anyway. nine hundred anyway. They just sort They of just do sort it of as do a matter. it as Of a matter. course Of course so that so they can that they make can sure make that they sure don't that they accidentally don't accidentally miss the deadline miss the deadline and get in and trouble. get in trouble. If it's asking If it's for asking your most for your recent most ninety recent ninety send them send the most them the recently most recently fired ninety fired ninety if it takes if you it a takes super you long a super time long to get time to it to get this time. to it this time. I think I you're going think to be okay. you're going to be okay. I I Look I Look look at I ninety look at ninety sometimes sometimes and I do and have I questions do have questions like in just like normal in just years normal if years somebody if takes somebody a really takes a really long time long time to get to it filed get it filed it makes me it makes me makes me makes wonder me wonder like like what are you what actually are you doing. actually It's doing. not It's that not hard. that hard. I mean it's a lot I mean of it's work a lot of but work it's not but like it's an not absurd like an amount absurd of work. amount of work. Plus Plus it happens it every happens year every so year you should so probably you should pre probably prepared pre prepared for it for it so so you know. you know. Just follow Just the instructions. follow the instructions. The most The recent most ninety recent s ninety s filed filed so so well. well. So So but I'M GONNA but I'M I'm GONNA GonNa ask I'm GonNa you ask something you something so you so talk you about. talk about. Gosh Gosh might raise might questions raise questions if it's a if really it's a really long time long time like period like of period time of until time until they get it filed they get it filed in a in normal a normal normal normal years that years don't that have don't pandemic have pandemic with them with so. them I'm so. curious I'm curious to know to know what what that that like. Do like. you Do have you have a recommendation? a recommendation? About what About becomes what becomes too long. too long. Like what Like is a what normal is a normal amount amount of time? of time? So if So I'm if if I'm I'm looking if up I'm looking ninety up ninety s for whatever s for reason whatever and reason it's like and so it's now like so now we're in the middle we're in of the middle twenty of twenty twenty roughly twenty roughly right so right I so would I expect would to expect see a twenty to see a eighteen twenty or eighteen two thousand or nineteen two thousand nineteen ninety. ninety. Those were the Those be were the the the be two the that the I would two expect. that I would expect. If I saw If two thousand I saw seventeen two thousand seventeen I would say I why. would say Are why. We still Are We looking still at looking twenty? at Seventeen twenty? Seventeen thousand ninety. thousand ninety. I mean there I mean there there should be there a two should thousand be eighteen a two thousand by eighteen now by now so that so would that be my question would be my question like like if if it's either it's going to either be this going year to be this or year last or year last it's year two years it's ago two years then ago it's probably then it's probably too long. too long. And so And maybe so maybe Andy Andy like. Maybe like. that's Maybe also that's also I mean. I I mean. think I that think totally that totally is is answers. answers. The question The question but I guess but I'm I also guess I'm thinking also thinking if if because we because don't know we don't know I mean exactly I mean exactly it sounds it like sounds it's just like the it's two just thousand the nineteen two thousand nineteen behind behind on but on I but know I there's a lot know of there's organizations a lot of organizations that get really that get behind really behind sometimes sometimes on the nine nine on the hundred nine nine hundred and and I would I say would say if if if it is if something it is like something a twenty-seven like a twenty-seven feels feels like it's excessively like it's excessively long long like we're like a couple we're a years couple years past past due due or few or years few past years do past do I mean if I mean there's if room there's room on the grant on the grant proposal proposal maybe maybe there's there's maybe you maybe can put you can a quick put paragraph a quick paragraph or a few or sentences a few sentences just trying just trying if if those aren't those going to incriminate aren't going to incriminate you further you further right but right if you but have if you have I mean I mean there's the there's caveat the caveat and if you and don't if have to you don't lie have about to lie it about but my it point but my is point is like is if is you like if if you there's a good if there's explanation a good explanation for it for it perhaps perhaps just even just making even note making note saying saying we expect we expect any day any to day have to our have whatever our whatever twenty twenty whatever whatever year it is year it you is know you know a nine a hundred nine ninety hundred ninety here here and as soon and as as we soon get as it. we We'll get update it. We'll our update files our files like something like something as a funder as a funder would make me would feel make me better feel that they better at least that they acknowledged at least acknowledged it versus it versus like that's like business that's business as usual as usual and and things things around every around year every too year so too even if so you even file if you a bunch file of extensions a bunch of extensions I mean even. It's I like mean even. this It's like this even with our even personal with our personal taxes taxes right. Yeah right. Yeah they they move the move extension the extension out to July. out to July. But that doesn't But mean that doesn't next mean year next year to to like you still like have you still to do have it again to do it starting again in starting January. in January. So all. You're So doing all. You're doing you're compressing you're compressing the pain. the pain. It is It just is just over a over rip. a rip. Just get it Just over get at it the over band at the off band get it off over get with it over and with and and and and the and the you know you know what's what's legitimate legitimate reason for reason having for a having two thousand a seventeen two thousand seventeen ninety ninety at this point at this it's point like it's like The building The building burned down burned down a lot of a lot files. of files. Were in it. Were I'm trying in it. to think I'm trying of why to think of you why with you with manny manny reason. reason. Yeah Yeah I mean I mean have have you know maybe you know maybe so so are are the the the. Cfo the. Cfo was actually was actually indicted indicted for fraud for fraud And stole And a bunch stole of money a bunch from of money us and from it's us taking and it's taking a longer a time longer to untangle time to untangle what they did what they did I mean. I think I mean. there I think could there be legitimate could be legitimate reasons reasons that you that might have you an might old have nine an old ninety nine ninety but not but not not a whole not lot a whole lot of them of them that you really that you want really want and probably and not probably things not you wanna things put you in wanna writing put in either. writing I either. mean that I would mean be a that little would embarrassing be a little embarrassing to even talk to even about talk the about Frie- the Frie- yeah. It's yeah. probably It's not probably going to help. not Your going to case help. Your case happens happens but yeah but I yeah I wouldn't WanNa wouldn't talk WanNa about talk it about it

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