Adam Rippon - burst 30


All right again? This is for the game all right. Fill in the blank on Tuesday house. Democrats unveiled a new three trillion dollar blank. Bill relief fell for the current crisis on Sunday. Boris Johnson unveiled his plan to slowly reopen blanks economy kingdom. Yes this week. North Carolina Senator Blank announced. He was stepping down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee because of an FBI. Investigation Richard Burr. Yes which Bursar on Thursday Lindsey. Graham announced an investigation into the origins of the blank probe Russia. Probe further proof that were living in a cartoon. A man in Tucson recorded video of a blank chasing a blank lizard chasing cat coyote chasing roadrunner on Wednesday Uber announced new rules that would require drivers and riders to wear blanks masks right on Sunday. Comedian and actor blank. Best known for his role on. Seinfeld passed away at the age of ninety two Jerry. Stiller German cafe is ensured social distancing by having customers blank measure their space out in Strudel's note customers are all required to wear pool noodles on their heads. Why Sidewalk Cafe and Schwerin Germany? Each customer hat with perpendicular pool noodles attached to the top. It's great for keeping safe. Strong wind comes up and you take off like a helicopter. The strategy make going out so absurd and annoying. You don't WanNa go out. I mean there's nothing about that good idea me. They'll how gain doing our quiz it. Well it's really close game but the game had six right for twelve more points so with sixteen. She win

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