San Francisco Bay Area to open for manufacturing, curbside retail


Three more bay area counties will see more businesses opening starting today KCBS reporter Tim Ryan is in one of those counties San Matteo county to explain what's changing ten was any Marin San Francisco and San Matteo county some manufacturing and curbside retail will reopen these are the last risky businesses clothing and shoe stores florists bookstores sporting goods car washes pet grooming and more you order over the phone or online and then you pick up outside or arrange delivery there's no trying on shoes slacks or dress for example Judy Sheldon owns Judy's flag city in Belmont Park though flag they sell PM thanks so sprinters I saw strippers she's been close for months is anxious to re open has a table by the front door with hand sanitizer but open to crowds the whole somebody's getting me did you see the unemployment rates today you know nobody dared to many people can I mean that's my daughter comes people can't even pay their mortgage thank god my house is paid for Judy is hoping the small business loan she received will cover her rent napa Sonoma and Solano counties of already entered stage two Alameda and Contra Costa could do so soon send a clear is the one hold out there is

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