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That way you can see if it helps within a few days or a week versus waiting you know a few weeks just for them to recall the page number six keyword explorer so I know H has a keyword explorer and the great thing about this tool is going to tell you keywords are kind of up and coming and I like jumping on the trend soon as you can. Ideally you're on the trend and you're kind of at the forefront. You're not waiting for a keyword research tool for the next best thing. Is You use a keyword explore. Look for kind of what's up and coming and you can jump on it before other people jump on it and then you gotta ride away from there all right number seven last but not least once you have the keywords that you're just in your content and you're doing your research what most people do is they just do research on what keywords. Anita put on my page rank the highest but even if you have the keywords in there but no one's clicking through you're not gonNA end up Rinky it's not just about having the right keywords that you WanNa rain for. It's also about having other words in there. The help you increase your click through rate so for example if I want to thank for Seo I may or put web-hosting and have a guide on or starting. A blog is better because a lot of people do that. I may want to end up putting at the end of how to start a blog in my title tag. I may want at the end updated in twenty twenty rights. That people know it's up-to-date so even if you have the keyword you want to rank for adding in other terms that make your listing standout like updated in twenty twenty will allow you to get more clicks which allows you to rank better. I'm an Eric you probably have quite a few more. That you can give the audience of examples of where they can add into their title tag that help increase the clicks from your Clo- data. Yeah I think the one thing. That's probably pertinent were you? It's a keyword research secret where you don't really need to do keyword research. You can use a content editor in click flow it will tell you the keywords that you should be adding when you're writing content you can send you a writers because you're writers aren't going to have to think they're going to do their keyword research Su Tools right but you just drop them into like that and there's a lot of different tools out there. I'm just we have the feature in click flow so he can go and pick that one up. It's called a content editor. But what about for people who want to increase their click the right because if honoring for how to start a blog and I put that cured in there it doesn't necessarily mean of an for even if I build links I'd have a high click through rate? So what are some of the other words or phrases that increase your cliques? What else works? While I mean the data I can give around the year. It's typically a fifty two hundred percent increase in CPR. And I think when you that's the one that we can call the most that's been consistent and I think order works to right. You have something. On length. Shorter shorter is click. The raiders all posts on. This is a back link. Oh has it. He took your data rate. Where just type back link click flow and you'll be able to find that the results. I think it was analysis of no five million results or something. I don't know anyway. That's it for today. Go to marketing score the I o slash school. If you want to get on the waiting list for the education program I are doing and being said that we will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School. Be Sure to rate review and subscribe to the show and visit marketing school dot. Co for more resources based on today's topic as well as access to more episodes that will help you find true marketing success tax marketing school dot io until next time class dismissed..

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