GOOD NEWS: How to Be A Better Ancestor


Welcome to important not important. My name is Quinn. It and I'm Brian Calvert. Kennedy this is the podcast where we dive into a specific topic or question affecting everyone on the planet right now in the next ten years kind of the entire point at today's conversation It can kill us for most of us or turn us into data from Star Trek. We are in our guests. Are Scientists. Doctors. Engineers POLITICIANS ASTRONAUTS. Even a reverend and we worked words. action steps. Our listeners can take their voice their vote and their dollar friendly reminder that you can send questions thoughts feed-back drawings on all mostly cookies to us on twitter at important not in or email us at fun talk at important not important dot com and you can actually also leave us a you know complementary or threatening voice messages at the. Lincoln are shown to be clear. You can't send cookies Danny of these things but if you make great cookies send us a note and we'll give you the correct address. Mean you'll go so you can go pick them up. You can also join thousands of other smart people and subscribe to our free weekly. Newsletter comes out Friday most of the time at important non important DOT com. This week's episode is talking about how crazy shit is out there. We've recognized that we see you but despite all of that turns out you can actually Plan for the future and save the world at the same time amazing. We have with us this week. A Beena Venkataraman. She's the author of the forthcoming book. The optimists telescope is Great Bryan actually found out that not a real telescope body was telescope. he was a little bit but he's excited again because as awesome. She really was fantastic. And I'm excited for this book and I love that. She wants to the episodes great. We used to do that. And people didn't like that. Yeah right right and I was about to again. They would say. Why did you talk about it when you're about to talk about it? We were young. We didn't know that was years ago. Okay here we go. Let's go talk to being okay. Our guest today's Beena Venkataraman and together. We're GONNA talk about planning for chaos strategies when it's basically mad Max out there be welcome. Thank you so happy to be here. We are very happy. Have you being if you don't mind? Why don't you tell anybody who you are and what you do? Sure I'm trauman. I'm the author of the optimus telescope thinking ahead in a reckless age new book and I teach in the program on science technology and society at Mit where brainwash young college students. Perfect you one of those people like a good brainwashing mill. Right right right it's different good brainwashing straight. That's what Lennon bought too but No that sounds great. We yeah we're again. We're so happy to have is going to be a great Combo then just as a reminder to everyone and so you know I don't know if we talked about it before the before reporting We're just GONNA go over some. Oh we did great. I was listening. We're going to go over some Context for our for our question Our topic today and then dig and do some Action oriented questions that get to the core of why we should all care about it and you and what we can all do to support you sound. Good it's great awesome beano. We'd like to start with one important question to set the tone for things and I know you said you listen to some episodes of one. My apologies For All that time you can never get back to. You cheated a little bit but if you could just tell us why you are vital to the survival of the species am I know I. I think I'm I'm vital. Because everyone's vital to the survival species. I think to be alive today. We're facing critical tipping points. The Melting Arctic the rising seas We're all right. If you think about us in the fabric of time if you think about the generations of people alive today we have such extraordinary power to shape the future we have such extraordinary power To do things at scale the scale of the planet and we know about what we're doing we know the half-life of our radioactive as we know How long are pollution is going to linger in the atmosphere and heat up the planet. And so I think is one among many It's it's sort of like we all have to act. It's going to take action other levels to do something about it. That said I just had a friend. Tell me she said you need to be the nightingale. Like what a did like. She was smoking something and she wasn't sure sober and what she said. Was you need to sing the song that people feel in their hearts that haven't yet brought into sound into words? Sure wasn't smoking. I'm sure but you know this idea. And she said that's how the revolution starts about was how she ended it like L. Singing to another nine going on. It's like no pressure. Just have to the song that's in people's hearts but I can think of like the ideal case of of the book I just wrote. I mean yeah I hope I am like bring two words and bringing into action by the deepest highest aspirations that we have to actually care for the feature actually be good ancestors for future generations be remembered as the people who who actually saved the planet instead of instead of cursing. It

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