Sabatinis stylish dominance; Nadal and Federers 2006 classic

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Amy Thank you so much for your support and to everybody that bacteria kickstarter at the end of last year which enabled us to carry on all year long and produced the tennis podcast four. You hope you're enjoying it. We certainly are catherine say. Hello Catherine David. Hello Matt. You're right. Hello yes fine. Thank you good. We have had the most wonderful weekend watching old tennis matches from Rome which we are going to really have with you today from nine hundred ninety two. The story of Gabriella Sabatini is extraordinary. Run in Rome for titles in five years and also talk about how more generally she's one of those players that tends to get forgotten. I'm afraid to say including bias. I can't think of many times that we've mentioned the name Gabriella Sabatini over the last eight years of the tennis podcast. And we're going to put that right today. She also turned fifty as well over the weekend. So feels like a good time to do that. And we're going to go back to the two thousand six men's final between Roger Federer and Rafael. The Dow a dare say many more of you will remember that one and maybe some of you watched it with us over the weekend so lots to talk about before we do that. Let's just mention the news of the week. Which is that more? Tennis TOURNAMENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED UP until July thirty first on the ATP circuit and the events. The wheelchair events have been announced on the men's side tournaments like a start Baastad Kitzbuehl in Newport or cancel because of the corona virus. And we await to find out what will happen with the American swing in August. But I mean it doesn't sound great so we'll have to wait and see several WTI events until mid-july cancelled as well but no great surprise. I'm afraid Catherine I should say as well following on from songs that could be used for the corona era a particular mention for EJ Stanton on instagram. Who suggests don't stand so close to me from the police. Yep Yep acceptable. Yep that's yeah. I've heard that mentioned a lot of the lowest we were going for more. I don't want to diminish EJ's contribution that we were going. Ooh For more specifically songs that reference the absence of crowd right so rather than sort of general corona virus social distancing song bags which which I feel are. Is anyone else a bit over sort of Korean social distancing song just over the whole thing generally? It's a very very difficult time for cynical people with a dry sense of humor because there's a loss of well intentioned sort of sickly happiness in sort of we're all in this together in we'll come through this and have you considered crafting. You should be crofting. Oh we're GONNA come out of. This is best move well rounded people and you know people that then you bunny the. I'm so over all of that. This folks is Katharine Whitaker. Who has just shown irs her two thousand piece Jigsaw which makes two in a row that she's not together now and she's also about her fiftieth podcast to the air with two weeks worth of dailies to come during Roland Garros Peppy Catherine. Yeah but I'm not. I'm not smugly telling people if you considered podcasting it's it'll make you a better human being during these challenging times. Stephanie my better I have. You always Dunk Jigsaw. No I mean I have on occasion in over the years done the odds Dixon L- but nights definitely I. I'm not doing this to to self improve. I'm enough to pass the time. I'm just impressed. Because not cool or anything they might even be able to hear me through the wolves but my parents started kick those and they're really not very good at them. How can you be? How can you be bad at jiggles? Unless you've got bad eyesight you've done you've done about five of them in the space have been out of the night soaking souls. We're talking two thousand pieces. My parents struggling with five five hundred faces. Maybe they need help just handed over to my kids. If I was doing a jigsaw. There's no why upbeat during it because I just lose know these inch. It's IT'S GONNA sound like one of these awful peppy. People is the IT. It's it's very mindful. It gets me off my phone hawks. Group it it's very it's you can still sort of be watching the telly obviously not physique. And have something on the tally in the background. And be paying attention to it but it gets you off your phone sort of it. Concentrates the mind. Oh God I hate myself move on. Can Multitask is what you're saying? Awesome specifically cannot multitask. So I would say it's a nonstarter. Meanwhile folks we have been putting photos on social media channels of ourselves in one thousand nine hundred ninety two where possible because Matt didn't exist nine hundred ninety two and two thousand and six respectively Matt has created quashed a picture of a tennis magazine on which he as a child prodigy is on the front cover wielding his racket. Like Richard Gasquet aged nine. Except there's no strings in the racquet That's the away so walk away. A few people were taken in by it. It's my absolute probably favorite thing. That's ever happened to me. That people actually think I was on the cover of Tennis magazine. Age Ten it was just at Wimbledon in the. Lta Tent way you could go up and have your have your photo taken in front of a green screen. And they were then imprinted onto ace tennis magazine. And yes they put up there alongside the words the not a the future Wimbledon champion going to all future Wimbledon. Men's having experienced his game. I can tell you what could have happened to a young Merrin Chile church in appearance. Yeah not sure what to say about that. Well he he opened so I'd go with that. Yeah no great. I'm in favor of all. Comparisons to professionals plays a singular. Us Open title is not all Wimbledon. Titles there is it still in underachievement relative. I don't think we're actually doing any matches from two thousand seven for tennis relived. Who knows how long ten is live? We'll be going on. We may have to come to two thousand and seven at some point but I actually went back the following year and appeared on the front cover again. Let's just put it up as a sort of extra what the people working uniform and that one.

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