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Nine only the right lane gets


Nine only the right lane gets by it for police activity our next update in less than ten minutes of curry Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center now the five day forecast here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei good afternoon we're looking at a few more showers and storms possible later today otherwise cloudy conditions in that temperature get up to about seventy five degrees this afternoon still cloudy tonight are forecast low was fifty four degrees tomorrow were mostly cloudy and cooler thanks to shifting winds are talking sixty six for the forecast high and a little breezy as well but we do stay dry and that continues right on into Memorial Day Memorial Day a mix of clouds and sun that high temperature getting up to seventy four degrees so nice forecast Tuesday we warm up to eighty and partly cloudy in fact by Wednesday still partly cloudy the forecast high up to eighty five degrees I know BC Denver's alert meteorologist Krystal klei with your most accurate for cast Caroline mostly cloudy right now seventy five degrees going down to sixty two overnight governor Murphy announced four hundred forty three new coronavirus cases in New Jersey today

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Nine only the right lane gets

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Three ninety five southwest freeway between the third street tunnel a main Avenue the sign

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Nine four six three license

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It is going to be clouding up tomorrow we'll even see clouds and a shower to tomorrow night

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Traffic is slow toward buttermilk and they should be wrapping that up here

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Next update at less than ten

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Sunny and sixty six degrees in the nation's capital

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Coverage switch today and get ready to upgrade your life step up with boost mobile

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Repeating the current temperatures sixty four heading up to seventy two

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The fifteen northbound slow

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Even place your order from home shop today and save Jerome show rooms are now open

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