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There's no doubt it's going to be risky obviously because you don't really know the help of Joe Flacco right now


Conversation we were just having when it came to dak Prescott and what do you make of kind of the risk he's taking here potentially and playing for the franchise tag if they don't get a deal done by July fifteenth will have to play on the one year franchise deal considering the way the world is going considering that we don't know what a salary cap would look like in the NFL the following season what would you recommend to him as far as his deal is concerned well obviously I didn't thanks first we're having me on but obviously that Prescott is one that's motivated to get a long term deal done he sees that the value of a long term deal is is there for him to have right now he's played well he's outplayed that obviously has rookie deal and he has been waiting and they've been trying to get a deal done the year prior he you guys like went in Leidos contracting compared to the comparatively speaking his numbers are about the same if not better than both those guys and they saw those contracts so he wants to get paid like that at the same time he is taking a rest when you anytime you sign the franchise tender and put a one year deal and you do have the a year you go out there and you say you roll the dice you say you know what I'm gonna wait and I'm gonna play this thing out and you will die you might not have a good year you might get hurt you know there's all these different possibilities that are up in the year of the quarterback and I've been in that situation before when I was in Kansas city I sign the franchise tender with the patriots got traded to Kansas city on the franchise tender and I was going back and forth on whether to play that one year franchise tender out or actually try to get it but obviously are motivated to get a long term deal done but if the numbers aren't right and what you think because you're trying to maximize your your earning potential at that point then you you know you don't sell yourself short means sometimes up to bet on yourself okay so having been through it Matt yourself and having that experience if you were in the room with his agent Todd Franson you're having a conversation with doc what would you advise him to do in this situation I mean if we're talking about at the tone about the numbers that they're talking about right now I'm absolutely signing a contract and I don't care if I'm the second highest paid in the third highest paid because the fact of matter is he plays for the Dallas Cowboys he's making a ton of money off the field from advertisement as part of being part of that organization and so for me being a part of that cowboys organization and being there long term the positive for him and so I would be telling my agent messages from of my personal experience let's try to figure out a deal obviously it's gotta make sense in terms of numbers and all that you don't want to be disrespected as the players specially because of what he's earned at this point and so but at the same time I mean if you're fighting over a few million here a few million there it just doesn't make much sense to me as a player switching gears over to cam Newton who is also in a situation where he doesn't have a team at the moment which is odd I mean you're talking about an M. V. P. clearly he's coming off some injuries how would you consult him like if you had a chance to to talk to him like what would you say about his current situation would you say to kind of sit tight and wait for a starting job to open or would you suggest that he take a back up

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There's no doubt it's going to be risky obviously because you don't really know the help of Joe Flacco right now

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