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For months the threats grew bigger warning signs


Decide between voting for him and voting for president trump we have seen the trump campaign really seize on those comments not only have they launched a website they have T. shirts out now and this is certainly an issue they continue to hammer there have also launched a million dollar digital ad blitz that again just on these comments alone now certainly important point out that the vice president has expressed regret and for making those comments but that's just one example I think of how the campaign is seizing on a number of issues whether it be China whether this be this or or anything else that we also know even just today certainly the campaign is being a very active and they're flying banners over several U. S. regions across the country mostly in beach communities that's what our campaign embed reporter Nicole skating a is reporting a first on CBS but those banners and those are just keep America great banner said those are being flown across the country again as I mentioned in about eight different cities over this Memorial Day weekend so certainly of the campaign not far from the president's mind Rina absolutely all right Nicole Killian thank you very much coming to us from the White House FBI director Christopher Wray is ordering an internal review into the investigation of former trump administration official Michael Flynn the agency will examine alleged misconduct by its employees Flynn served as president trump's national security adviser he pleaded guilty in two thousand seventeen to lying to the FBI he then cooperated with special counsel Robert Muller's probe the justice department abandoned its case against flint earlier this month Attorney General William Barr said FBI agents shouldn't have question Flynn in the first place his legal team has filed an emergency appeal to have all charges dropped immediately

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For months the threats grew bigger warning signs

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