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N. B. C. news radio I'm Cameron


News radio I'm Cameron Fairchild White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says it's up to faith communities to determine whether places of worship should open up this weekend in areas which are hot spots for coronavirus president's been very clear he wants churches to re open he wants them to do it safely he wants to do it in accordance with our guidance is laid out very detailed on its posted now so you can all take a look through it and he wants to see all of those churches open in a safe the announcement comes after president trump said he would over ride any governor who defies his declaration that places of worship are essential businesses a former Philadelphia elections judge says he stacked the vote to help democratic candidates for three years in a row and he says he got paid thousands of dollars to do it dominator mural pled guilty to conspiracy charges that were announced on Thursday according to the U. S. attorney deniro stood in the voting booth when he thought the coast was clear and voted over and over

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N. B. C. news radio I'm Cameron

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