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What to do about our hair? Is there an app for this?



As four dollars ninety nine cents a month stay tuned after the show to learn about their special offer just for talking tech listeners. Okay so we're in quarantine are Harris getting out of hand? We can't get a cut and we can't get touched up. Colored Jennifer Jolly has an answer. She knows what to do. She says there's an APP for that. Phyllis engine you probably need a haircut. Dot Com is a new service. You sign up. You pay a small amount of money and a real hair. Stylist will walk you through how to do a haircut so you get your tools ready they say finder by your best pair of hair cutting scissor razor. They do not recommend like toenail clippers which I saw. Somebody tried to us the other day. You book an appointment. It's eighteen dollars and then you video chat with a stylist who will coach you or your friend through giving you a haircut that is best for men. It's more barber tools. But there are other women posting. I mean this is all over instagram Jefferson. What me and all of my friends are talking about. And My hairstylist dropped off. What's called a toner Kit On my doorstep she put it in a in a bag and dropped it off and then wrote out instructions for what to do I colored my grey roots today all by myself. I will post about that. It's easier than you would think it doesn't do as much damage as trying to use an over the counter air highlighter or highlighting product. And then the other thing that all of my female friends are talking about. Is stuff that you either brush or spray on your roots and I went and looked for that for blondes and it was sold

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