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Bachelor Presents Listen To Your Heart Finale: Naming a Winner in Nashville - burst 03


Reaction watching watching anything from the bachelor and a very long time. I was genuinely upset and away. I never thought I could be a bill. Listen to your heart rate. I know I was right there with you. I was just like settling into watch. I had it on my dvr. And I was really excited for their performance and then this up seen it was dragging on so then I got my hopes up that like Oh. They won't be showing US this much. If that's all they're going to happen they're gonNA come back at the end or something. No we got a finale with just two couples. I'm devastated and we'll get into it. We do have some news to cover her. Yeah I never sleeps and law. Some people should be sleeping looking at you. Hannah Brown who on an instagram live? When she was seeing a song saying an incredibly derogatory word that no one should say who

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