The Kidneys Connection to Our Emotions


Today. We're going to go off on a different subject here about kidneys. You guys haven't heard us discuss kidneys very much in the past episodes but we thought with everyone being a little bit on the fearful angry side we would address kidneys because they very much have to do with those emotions. So the name of this show today is called the kidneys connection to our emotions. And we're going to tell you a little bit about what to look for when you might suspect it your kidneys what you can take to help. Get them better and we also have a question at the end that we're going to answer. So Dr Lewis. Could you tell us why you have chosen to discuss the kidney connection today on our podcast? Well Yeah I'd love to. I chose to do this because Janet wanted to. That's right that is true. You know I think the main thing is is because the throughout this Kobe stuff that I think is you know crock. Crap but You know we. We've been told things so long so loud. You know you can tell a lie long enough and loud enough people begin to believe it and so saying stay safe Co home. Stay home be safe in. Its implying that US people like me. That think it's a crock that get out or sinful and where. The enemy were being brainwashed. Folks you've got to think past that and I'm absolutely amazed at the people that choose. It's a choice. They choose to cower down in fear and and we've noticed that people are more agitated more irritated and that's me because I can't believe that idiocy that's going on like trying to get into home depot and his lap. Geez there's one hundred and fifty feet between everybody but you're worried about how many people walking in the store and one of the reasons that we as a society besides the mental spiritual they're throwing at us is because we're eating incorrectly. We're drinking to excess with when it talks when you talk about alcohol. Excessive to me is very little but Done tight much and we get irritated because we're putting our her kidneys under stress. One of the worst things you can do is have high blood pressure that you don't take care of either medically or naturally or both because at high blood pressure can really calls all kinds of problems with the kidney so please please please take care your kidneys. It it's incredible is super important but kidneys are their damaged from all sorts of things like certain drugs are really really tough on the kidneys and you have to watch that and you know. Have your doctor that puts you on the medications to monitor that but heavy metals our society full of heavy metals. It's full of solvents. It's of a chemotherapy. Does that Different Benham's snake insect spider and I went through a lot of that after God only knows how many Brown recluse spider about gotten and it will wreak havoc on your kid. He's poisonous mushrooms. I don't know anything about that because I don't experiment with those mushrooms that grow on cow patties like some people. I know Do it because it's a psychedelic psychogenic psychotic or something Pesticides and we know we've got pesticides all over the. It's really really really common in our food. Which is a sad thing and herbicides and people say but I'm not around our besides York Janet. I was coming to work two days ago. And there's the Texas highway department spraying herbicides. Oh Good God but you know us a goat to eat but we have done that to ourselves with the poisons in our society and renal failure and not even failure but when you put your kidneys in stress it can add to things like congestive heart failure diabetes or diabetes slash Metabolic Syndrome. Can put pressure on your kidneys. It can go both ways and lock said before the chronic hypertension a bad thing liver disease liberal ever you got. The liber is like a woman. The Lib rain happy. Ain't nobody happy. And then you have diseases. The autoimmune diseases like Lupus and sickle cell. Things like that There are people that have genetic tendencies the have issues with Kidneys like poly cystic. Disease and kidneys. Are They Tennessee to have mineral accumulations that she usually calcium? And we see that into your analysis. It'll say crystals calcium oxalate. Now you know. We can't make any claims about supplements but if you're having calcium oxalate stones that usually means you have a lack of magnesium or potassium to offset because we get minerals that out of balance. And that's the problem with our society mentally and physically because we get out of balance we forget to laugh. We forget to you know have a good time and I just love people that come in here and I'll go hug their neck and watch them freak out or I'll shake their hand and it's like you know we've been doing this for tens of thousands of years and it's not an issue in. Don't you enjoy the HUG and s? You're actually I do I. I like the way you social distance dot because I don't social distance. That's one of the things we're missing. Now is the social interaction. That is way way more important than any other thing now again. I I said disappear. Podcast AGO that they're scripture somewhere to Bible. I forget probably proverbs but is a wiseman foresees danger and takes precautions K. And I think that's a smart thing to do but the Bible also says in Titus very plainly. God didn't give you a spirit of fear so quick fear crap You talk about stones oxalate downs in nineteen seventy four when you say stoned rattling talking about oxalate stones. The ones that are GONNA be urine. Just what would those manifest in normal? Layman's terms that someone might understand that. They may have a kidney problem. Kidney Stones you know very sharp pain in the back and you know This is because one sweetheart of a sweetheart patients or no the different parts of magnesium and we're getting people that say well. I have this symptom and they want me to diagnose Office set a symptoms everytime time Janet. I give a list I say. Be careful though because these same symptoms can go with a different organ. Be careful how you diagnose off of just symptoms but one of the things That you can bet your bottom dollar as you're deficient in magnesium so I had this sweetheart patients they can you explain the different types of magnesium. I'm saying that because there's plenty of research says if you take magnesium it buffers The bad side effects of calcium or calcium oxalate stones that that's research that and it says be six. Pp and potassium so let's talk about. Magnesium purchased a little while because magnesium can take the anxiety irritability that we are feeling and. I think is obvious in my voice. It's like oh good. God quit despair crap but if you take magnesium there's actually research says magnesium if it's the right form can work even better. I'll stress anxiety. Depression era ability and anger than many many many drugs and again we can't make claims that but the research says it so let's talk just briefly about the different types of magnesium if you poop once a day or less unietd magnesium citrate now. We have that for people. They say about once as normal permissiveness common. But it's not normal. He got three trains in three trains. Out Is Janet says about three meals and three meals out so citrate because it was bound citric acid. And that's a pretty large molecule. And that's why you don't get enough in a multi vitamin or multi-mineral. Because it's a large molecule. Takes up too much. Real Estate It's a mild laxative. And so it's it's a great choice. Then you've got magnesium oxide folks it. They're putting oxide in your multi-donor multi-mineral throw it away. Because that's the cheap crap that yes it works as a laxative. But you don't really absorb it where you can absorb more the cows of magnesium citrate then you got the magnesium glassy night and it's a pretty gentle form that's what I'd generally suggest for people that have hypertension It slower going through the system. It absorbs a little bit less water. So you end up. Absorbing more of it It glasses night. Actually it's Connected to an Amino. Acid glossing blessing is incredibly incredibly incredibly important amino acid to help form neurotransmitters and calms your nerves.

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