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Goodies should know now in a smaller size


Fifty six in Boston mid sixties further inland Memorial Day Monday looking partly sunny highs near seventy closer to sixty by the coast clouds and some sunshine on Tuesday high of seventy four and getting close to eighty on Wednesday this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good morning to you MTV gal here the five things you need to know at eleven forty five the National Weather Service in Boston has now issued a flood warning for central Kentucky county as well as the dukes county in southeastern Massachusetts it will expire at one thirty PM governor Baker is urging everyone to remain extra cautious and vigilant especially during the holiday weekend please wear a mask New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu makes it very clear he wants people to stay away from the sea coast this holiday weekend there are now nearly ninety one thousand confirmed cases of covert nineteen here in Massachusetts more than eight hundred new cases were added yesterday afternoon back now to our top story the latest on the pandemic and the impact more

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Goodies should know now in a smaller size

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