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Episode Forty // Mothertime Sadness


Or you can also click the link in our description and as a reminder you can also support I work by not just listening but rating and reviewing us on I tunes and of course sharing our content with all your friends now. Let's start the show knowing that will bucking thank suck? Hello and welcome to another episode of Bitter Brown does this your host Ruben. Coming at you from Los Angeles High. And this is your other host. Cassandra miniature you Flam El Paso Texas and you know. This is like episode two or three of Quarantine Diaries What is your update. I I assume you're quarantining or how you've been out there protesting to liberate to liberate America. Whatever yeah no I am. Not as brave as our White sisters I wish I was But I'm not so they're out there fighting the good fight for liberation to the suppression. you know. I I I am living through them. I am fighting through them. They are currently doing pushups To get our gyms reopen so we can all get back out there. They're currently at a baskin Robbins. At applebee's You know they're out there doing the good fight. So thank you to our troops out there sarcasm. In case of another had they're like well. She did support Ted Cruz. It's like what were we saying the other day. It's like Dana number. I don't know what that we haven't heard anything from Ted Cruz whether he survived quarantine or whether he's edited thirty without the Cruise News. Started Ted Cruz. But then other right wing people will be like yes where it's Ted Cruz. Our Hero Maroon. Trump would like make fun of him all the time like. Nobody likes this guy. Anyway that's I don't know we should talk about like how populism like really help trump like populism on the right conservative populism and how like liberals like failed to see and apply the lessons from trump their to own campaigns this year because they're just running a shit show like Democrats was into loose about this year. Yeah they stay losing their the opposite of the Tina's Steve winning. Yep Yes what about you on your end up going over there. I'm like on quarantine day like sixty Sixty something. Meanwhile my family's on like quarantine day like three but it's been going out more during quarantine than they've ever dot is like everybody that. I it just like like when I take Luga to the park like we you know. He rides a scooter. And I ride my bike and it's like I like because we do it all the time even without quarantine and I'm like I have never seen any of you bitches out here and all of a sudden everyone wants to walk all of a sudden. Everyone has a dog ate. Like I'm just like I don't understand like I get so mad because like I have never seen that many people that fucking park that I go to year round and it fucking annoys and my sister's had a huge fight like right before quarantine right. They were essentially like we have to stop meeting. Like I fucking hate. Y'All like we're not meeting anymore and like I was trying to be peacekeeper and like whatever But then like but then like literally as soon as quarantine at my sister was like. No we need to. We need to see to the family now. More than ever and I'm like what the wrong at the state fighting like that is better. I have a better approach to this. Does this quarantine. Because they've been meeting every fucking week like it's so annoying like they've been going out more like they've on the one that's like usually like you know out of the club every other week or like you know at a concert once a month and like that and I haven't seen my ass home like I gone to the store like four times this whole fucking quarantine right But there has like a one reason or another Levi House. My Mother's like Oh no. We love each other. We have to see to them like no the literally. The opposite of we'll have to be doing they. Don't I'm just like if you love each other? Don't you want to keep your each of their healthy and like does not compute like they do not understand like no? There's no explaining that goes on with them and it's still frustrating so just been living with that frustration these last two months now Of trying to get these people who are like just refused to listen to reason. Yeah that's exhausting. I think my mom went to this thing where she took it serious house again and then slowly started in. It's interesting because I think it's The Way Texas is what are they calling it like reopening and phases which is so fucking ridiculous like phase one. I don't know what was Obama and then face to with like this this and Nail Salon and face three is like that's like the plan for Texas and as that plan is like happening. I think people are also like going out more because they think we'll Texas as eager to mean so like now I can go here and now like I think the other day because my mom's church switch to like online whatever and like the other I think yesterday talking about how they were talking and saying that they were going to reopen and under slake and you know her has been be there so I'm just like came It's just like I've gone to the store because I don't want her. I didn't want her to go. So I've gone to the star and then I started a switch to like Online like the like a week ago or so like I did. The I like ordered online. You go pick it up and they bring it to your car. So there's like no contact and the thing is you have to like put in the order like two days prior because you don't get it like the same day right and so she's like upset about that like she wanted that day so she like no like. I'M NOT GONNA wait two days so like her. My step will go to the store instead of having me like just order and like awaiting those days and it's just like I don't under why it's yeah so and I don't think it's just us I see a lot of people saying like they're like it's always like it's like one person or taking the news and then everyone else is kind of like a or what they think is like. They're not like well. We're not like partying in. It's like no you're not parting. But it's still the same concept you know but I don't think people see it that way and again I think it's also like the way our government and Officials are handling it because if unfortunately you believe the governor of Texas for example that it's okay to reopen Texas and it's okay to get your nails done and it's okay to get a haircut then like you're gonNA think it's fucking okay. Y'All we'll see in California. We don't have that fucking excuse because the governors are telling people to stay home and Blah Blah. I suffer like the Oh sees governor. I mean the season mayor which is another fucking clan member But everybody else in California's like stay home..

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Episode Forty // Mothertime Sadness

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