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Region that could open up as


The afternoon it's twelve thirty two this Memorial Day weekend will be different but as we continue to see progress in the fight against covert nineteen some restrictions are being relaxed overnight as mentioned governor Cuomo issued an executive order allowing gatherings of up to ten people as long as they follow social distancing guidelines more in this with W. CBS Kristi cliche Fridays executive order comes just in time for Memorial Day and shortly after the NYC use federal lawsuit the lawsuit fights for allowing protests to take place this after a city resident was arrested twice for holding socially distant protests outside of city hall the New York civil liberties union executive director commented on the executive order saying that the governor is a lawyer and knows that he shouldn't be favoring one form of freedom of speech over another city council health committee chair mark Levine tweeted calling the executive order shocking saying the public should continue to be smart and use judgment about coronavirus risks despite what the courts say critically Shian WCBS newsradio eight eighty in New Jersey outdoor gatherings are now going to be capped at twenty five that's another step towards re opening just in time for the holiday weekend so

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Region that could open up as

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