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Like Spencer it's one. Am We've been hopping killed? Yeah it's great that you guys got to go to Nashville before. Everything changed so dramatically. But I know for Kristen. Well and the whole corona virus everything. I feel like everyone's going through something hard this. It's not a good year so far I've in is going to be better off and I I'm excited for her New Chapter. Hopefully on the hills in dating yes it would be nice to have her on the hills. Maybe she'll come back to La. Yeah never know. I was wondering if she would stay there or comeback here because so much of her roots are here but I guess now like with the kids and uncommon James and all that it must be more. Their homebase is definitely probably interview. There by divorce is hired. She'll get through it though. You mean yeah. I feel like you'd be such a good Like strength for her. And you know because I feel like you've been through I did sounding born or yeah support. Yeah I mean I. We talked a little bit a cure three weeks ago and I all came out but I know it's like she just needs time to process and feel it's literally almost like morning and day going through divorce because you're a nine there's highs and lows of fighting and like being so sad in thinking like that. I do the right thing. It's like an emotional rollercoaster so so hard see an oh no because you know. I haven't been there but it seems like if your even fifty percent there sixty you know. It's like that seems like the right choice. Yeah yeah wanted someone who you don't think that or feel like she seems one normally like I know in my case a lot of people to it's not something you don't just wake up like Oh we're GONNA get worse. It's it's kind of like a process of healing you that for so long and unsually. It's like you just can't do it anymore. And she seems very serious with their life. Too So yeah. It doesn't seem like kristen fine. She's a tough girl. Us One of the most resilient awesome powerful women I guarantee you. She writes a New York Times Bestseller. How to divorce and win as she's a jerk total. Atm Kristen so excited after Jay colored and let you guys come in the House I get it her. You guys are in one room. I thought I was like. Oh my Gosh Jay's here and Is in the. House and Christians like like. I don't know because it's Spencer told people it was fine to come in the house of shoes on and I came in. It wouldn't be fine. You know. Heidi I just remember like as soon as the door opened. And he came in with the kids. I try door brand.

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