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What's happening on traffic wise without fire he Laurie


Is close there aren't one hundred twenty five firefighters reportedly at the scene fighting this fire so there's about forty fire trucks out there and so it is would be smart to avoid the area traffic wise of course and the sack San Francisco fired imminent department said it has evacuated the occupants of the pier no injuries have been reported so far we're bringing more later twenty minutes before eight on trial Snyder with these headlines China is reporting no new confirmed coronavirus cases on the mainland for the first time since the pandemic began in the central city of Wuhan health authorities say nearly eighty patients so are still being treated in more than three hundred seventy others are in isolation a spokesman for British prime minister Boris Johnson is defending a top adviser who is facing calls to step down for breaking lockdown guidelines the spokesman says Dominic Cummings drove some two hundred fifty miles in late March two injures young son was cared for while his wife was filled with coke at nineteen in in Pakistan rescue crews are still searching the rubble left behind following the crash of a passenger plane near Karachi's International Airport two people on board survived

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What's happening on traffic wise without fire he Laurie

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