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Michael Atkinson, Trump And Mike Pompeo discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


There was one difference one big difference number one he may have been guilty and number two. He had tapes all over the place right. He was definitely guilty. Trump did not actually learn from Richard. Nixon don't fire people know he learned something more important. He learned to make sure to space out the fire and the people so starting in the beginning of April trump has been firing. The very people meant to hold his administration accountable. These inspectors general. It's his own Saturday. Night massacre only. The firings usually come on Friday night after everyone has kind of checked out for the weekend on Friday April third trump fired. The Inspector General of the intelligence community. That guy was important. His name is Michael Atkinson because he is the one who handled the Ukraine whistleblower complaint and found it to have merit few days later. He got rid of the Defense Department's g known for his independence. Who was overseeing corona virus? Relief spending investigations on Friday. May first he said he was replacing the health and Human Services Inspector General who had just exposed shortages of testing and personal protective equipment and hospitals. Then this past Friday night trump fired State Department inspector general Steve Linic at the urging of Secretary of state. Mike pompeo according to the House Foreign Affairs Committee Eliot Engel. The Office of the Inspector General had opened an investigation into pompeo before pompeo. Lennick be fired. Here's the thing. Firing Inspector General's outside ship trump is going at one of the foundational post Watergate reforms that was erected with bipartisan support over decades precisely to restrain Nixon to point out State Department firing maybe the most provocative and perhaps clearly lawless yet. We're talking about that right after. This president.

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