Store. You got some splaine into do underrated. The number one movie in the world right now underrated. Thanks look a whole lot different in two thousand fourteen when yeah we were compiling a list of movies to go into our now playing underrated movies book and when I landed on was I saw this movie back in two thousand eleven and it was a hit. It's worth pointing out and made seventy five million. That's more or less. What outbreak did it had? Good reviews my shock was that nobody really respected everyone. Just kind of like yeah. It's just this kind of Zombie movie. Whatever I'm like. Where are the Oscar? Nominations why isn't this movie across the Board Getting Super Acclaim? It was one of my favorites of that year and to hear people dismiss it it was like Soderbergh was just redoing traffic to lesser effect. You know he had won the Oscar in two thousand for chronicling the drug traffic trade over the Mexican border in a very similar manner to the way that the virus is tracked in this movie and I think people were just over it and so they were like we're not impressed so the artist wins best picture and bridesmaids gets nominated for best original screenplay with this movie got shafted. They got no love to me. That just felt wrong now. Of course dumbest write the screenplay Kaz man they nailed it seriously. Obviously everyone has to give some props just where it's foresight into how much it looks at. Pandemics. I mean we've been covering series now. This is what our seventh installment whether you like this movie or not. I don't think that any other film in our retrospective has the breath to look at the global perspective. This movie is going to take on in under two hours. I WANNA point out in a very swift amount of time. It's really going to look at how pandemics work with a very big cast. I think that used to be the fun of it. I do remember a lot of people. Another thing that they would say is not only the traffic rip off. But it's kind of like one of those old seventies disaster movies where you get all the stars together in the Fund is who's GonNa live who's GonNa die? Oh my God I didn't see Gwyneth. Paltrow biding it well. He may not have won an Oscar. But I do believe this movie is the reason why Steven Soderbergh is currently the man in charge of reopening. Hollywood he is leaving the commission on when it will be safe and what practices need to be put in place in order for film production to resume and you have to think that people in Hollywood were sitting around and I have to believe half the people in Hollywood. Don't know reality for movies and are like sort of predict contagion. We're living get him. Yeah but I mean again. This movie is very smart. This is someone that thought about the issues a lot. Maybe they should also include the screenwriter. Scott Berns he is probably the person we should get more credit to because he came up with all of these scenarios they were making the informant together and Burns which just like what if we throw in a pandemic he was just thinking about his next movie and Soderbergh was like well. Write me up something and yeah this original script. All of it is credited to the guy that mostly is known for spy movies. He did the third born film. He's going to do the new James Bond Movie. No time to die whenever we get to see it. So yeah these guys look like. They know what they're talking about. Yes there bonafides are. They made a movie. Maybe that doesn't qualify them to know win. Hollywood can open and how best to clean the set so that people can work there safely but I get it. These guys earn it because this movie has that cred. They're gonNA talk about social distancing in this movie nine years before it became a buzzword. I couldn't believe it. I mean I've seen this movie before and I remembered finding certain parallels in real life to this movie but yeah the terms it uses are now the terms that are. I feel like we're living in pee wee's playhouse where I need to take a shot every time somebody says social distancing. It's an overused buzz term but this movie has regained such popularity. I picked it up on itunes and when I put it on there was a special message from the stars regarding covert nine thousand nine hundred and either have you see that. No it's a new bonus feature that has Matt Damon Kate Winslett Jennifer eal and Laurence Fishburne filming themselves on their cell phones telling people you know Matt. Damon is there to discuss the importance of social distancing. Then we go to Kate winslet as she talks about the importance of washing your hands and that she underwent training to learn how soap works. She's describing how the soap molecules bond with the water molecules bond with the dirt and also told me something. I didn't know when you use disinfectant on a counter. You're supposed to spray it there and leave it for four minutes. It takes four minutes for disinfectant. To actually disinfect and then wipe it down was educational. Jennifer Eel was there to say listen to doctors and not of their voices. No matter how loud they may be Laurence Fishburne came in to recap everything do his little handshake speech and then he says in the movie handshakes were so that show. You don't have a weapon to somebody in old days but cove is a weapon. Any of US may have on our hands so they got back together because contagion was the number one moving on I tunes and they're like we saw people. Were watching this. So we want to educate you on cove. It and fact versus fiction. Hey It's profit with a Ph and it's a profit with an F. Yeah I mean I definitely think they saw some money to be able to go back to the till and resell this movie again. You know the one thing. I hope listeners. Take away from US going decade by decade through all the virus films as that. This really isn't unprecedented. We hear that term all the time unprecedent times some of it is I agree. Some of it is like nothing. I've lived through but viruses are always close at hand. We actually ought to feel lucky that we grew up in a time of vaccination because most of mankind has been dealing with this shit plague has been a part of their daily life and their ongoing fears for as long as man has been on earth and even in the last decade again. That's what blew my mind about contagion like why were dismissing it. As science fiction two thousand nine we had h one in one two thousand fourteen abol got to Texas two thousand sixteen. Remember the ZICO babies. Yeah we still got problems with them. We're monitoring those children to see how they're doing we still don't know and the terrifying thing is that yes. We were worried about the children. That had malformed heads after the mom's got bit by mosquitoes but they're finding out now. There were children. That didn't have physical abnormalities. That are also having developmental problems. So the problem on that one. We're still calculating so diseases here. And and let it go a notice that the nineteen and Cova nineteen stands for two thousand nineteen were capping this decade with. Yes the virus that made us pay attention to contagion at last. Finally it took all of this where people filing to respect this great film Stewart. You mentioned people might have thought this was like a Zombie movie. That's kind of what I thought it was. I didn't have to watch it to review for the book. So I've had this movie in my head which I mixed up with this when it came out three years earlier though quarantine. I don't know if you've seen that but it looks like a found footage movie with people stuck in an apartment was obvious or something. It looks stupid. It's actually a remake of a Spanish film rack if you know the wreck series our EC. It means we're cord because it's all shot on a hand held video recorder yeah. It's definitely a Zombie movie yet. But this one you know why miss this I looked it up. I was moving halfway across the country. Twenty eleven in the month. This came out September so movies were off my radar during a major move like that. So yeah I just never got around to seeing it and I know it was in the book I always thinking. It was quarantined for all these years. But it's not thankfully I saw it back when it was new on video. I don't understand why people would think it's Zombie movie. I knew what I was in for but it had a list cast. I didn't know it was Steven Soderbergh. But it was a night. I was home and looking for something to watch we ended up renting it on itunes and Ga- I liked this movie immediately. That's part of the reason why I was anxious to jump on it for the book is because I love this movie back then but I never thought I'd watch it again or have to revisit it but rem excited to get into this. Tell me what happens in contagion. Let's break this movie down. Contagion tells the story of the world when a virus called 'EM EV..

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