Women's national soccer team to appeal dismissal of equal pay claim


Broker the United States women's national soccer team will appeal a judge's decision from a week ago the judge of rejecting part of its lawsuit against U. S. soccer saying it does not warrant relief in terms of equal pay because the women in fact are paid more on a cumulative basis than the men skewed logic in the opinion of team captain Megan Rapinoe basically it's like if I earn one dollar every time I play in a manner it's three dollars just because I went ten games and he only wins three games and so I make ten dollars and he made nine dollars I'm not sure how that's me making more money while having to essentially win everything that we can possibly have won over these past few years two world cups and just about every game we play so it is sort of for me miss the point but it was it was very disappointing to be honest fellow team captain Alex Morgan remains committed to the cause and confident with the appeal yeah I mean we're we're fighting for all of it but we really do believe in this case and like may and said we were just shocked this decision was out of left field for us I think we're both sides it was very unexpected so we will definitely be appealing and moving forward if anyone knows anything about the heart of this team we are fighters and will continue to fight together

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