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#208: More Listener Questions


Tape. Hi everybody welcome to. You can bet on that. A podcast for the recreational gambler and sitting in his home is Dr Mike. Hello how you doing Mike. Pretty good. How `bout you guys not too bad still under quarantine trying to keep busy? Yeah same here still doing a ton of yard work good which is actually good. I'm getting a lot of things done that. I never got to before right so I guess in a way if I wanNA look for positive. That's a good thing really. It's true we've got a lot of yard work done and just silly stupid things around the house that we're kind of you know always at the bottom of the list right things list. We were never going to get to because they really weren't that important. They just kind of be nice. Yeah right that's the same with us. We've done a few things that like organizing the closet writing related list. But we did it. We've done it. I'll tell you what though mark the last week in particular. I have really began to miss the casinos. It's interesting because you and I really have not been gambling the poker tournaments that we've been playing online. That's been about it. Yeah and that's like a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. Yeah so no. We haven't been betting on weird sports or things like that. So Yeah we've really been shut down and I up until this last week. I was okay. You know I was like you know it's alright i. It's not really bugging that much but the last week. I don't know why I've thought about Bertha sure would be nice to go out to the casino. I know me kind of a stress relief for me me too. Yeah so we get out there only thinking about craps. I'm not thinking about the gazillion other things that I've got to think about right so I kinda starting to miss it. I hope it opens soon but I gotta feeling casinos like gone for a while. Yes and the current plan right now. I think on the last episode. I said maybe four people on each side of the craps table. Current plan is really three people on each side of the craps table so six players altogether. And I'm thinking well a place like Harris Southern California. They will probably still keep their craps tables open because they've got a lot of crafts players there and you know yeah. The minimums are probably going to be higher but they have a lot of players that are willing to play at those minimums at least in the San Diego area. I don't know if crafts is going to survive at some of these other casinos that only have one or two tables because of this. No and what about guess? Yeah we'll think about Vegas casino some of the say smaller ones that have maybe two craps table you know. Is it worth it for them to open it up right? That's the thing you know because well maybe maybe they open half table and they just have to dealers something like that. I don't know we'll see. It's all speculation. We you know it's fun to speculate but we're not gonNA know until it happens and it won't be as much fun. You know people on his side him you and I don't like it faster. That's right we'll have plenty of room to spread out. Yeah Right. I was thinking if they had three people. On a craps table on the side so six people on the table. Now let's say Harris Southern California had two tables open or on. Let's say a choose day night where there's usually only one table open. Yeah you've got six people. What if you've got a guy playing you know ten dollars on the line and say it's a dollar minimum table and then you know I walk up? Was the casino going to to the guy. Yeah we'd rather have him play you know he's GonNa bet fifty bucks on the line instead of your town. Hopefully they would not do that. Dr Mike Hopefully they would not. Hopefully they would not but they'd probably be sitting there thinking great. This guy's like all he's doing is ten dollars on the line and we could have this other guy. You know a thousand dollars. It's it's a weird thing I just don't know how they're gonNA get around that less. They make the limit so high You know it's like a fifty dollars and I have a feeling that is what's going to happen. We talked about the possibilities of there being higher minimums lower minimums probably higher minimums when it comes to table games right because you know. Let's say on a Tuesday night like I said there's four craps tables there but if they only open one you can only have six players. You're limiting who can play if you open all four tables and you've got a lot of dealers you've got to pay. That's the thing right and you've got to have them full. I mean it's just a weird situation and you know blackjack to might be the same right. Sure I mean if you only can put two or three people on a blackjack table instead of say six. Is it going to be worth it to open that table right? That's why people are saying. Okay it's going to be higher minimums. Yeah well we'll see what happens. I I just pray. Every day that the world would just go back to the way it was. Of course it's going to be different. Go to a crowded craps table and you know you can shake your friends hand and I you know. Just go to a movie. The crowd in there. So when you see the next installment of Star Wars it's exciting and not boring and you probably get sick but not with covert nineteen. You know. Maybe it's a cold right right. It's crazy all right. Well talking about Poker these poker tournaments. We've been doing a couple of weeks ago. We were playing in Adams Poker Tournament and I was the first one out. I was eliminated. I and as I was going through the hands in my mind. I'm thinking you know. I don't think I played that badly. It's just I wasn't getting cards and you know I'd I'd bet pre flop and too many people would call and then I bet the flop even though I missed it I'd get callers anyway. I went out but as long as you can kind of think all right well at least I didn't make any major mistakes. I guess happy with going out I. How did that work out for you in that particular tournament might well I send the money? I WANNA stay. Okay yes you did that's true. Let's make that clear in the money so I'm happy. I finished in the money now honestly I probably should have won that tournament because it was a pretty big hand me in another player so on the river I need a Qinghai flush right so the only thing you could lose to after the river would have been the ace high flush right which I was a little worried about the way the bedding had been going. I didn't think the other player had that So I believe I checked. And then he made a bet and at that point you actually typed in the chat box. This is going to cripple me but I think I have to do it so we were all expecting you to call right because I thought well he may have just been hesitant but I thought I got a call right and if I get all those chips in that pot. I'm the chip leader and I'm in pretty good. Spot was actually a pretty easy call. Yeah yeah so I went to hit call and for some reason clicked on full. We all saw you hold your hand and we're like what. Why would you do? And you're like. Oh my gosh. I lamented that all day all day. The whole rest of the day I kept telling my family. I should have won that. Well it put me in a little bit of a bind actually but I was able to end up in the money. I was happy about that but I was not happy about screwing up and I don't know if I was tired or you know I'm sitting at the kitchen and I'm at the desk on the computer and I kind of halfway pain. Yeah it's easy to do if you just. Oh I'm going to click. You've not really you know what you want to do. But you're not really looking at the buttons. Yeah well you won't make that mistake again. No that will never happen again. I told my wife afterwards I was so mad at myself. That is never going to happen in. 'cause I am going to check every time I hit that button. I'M GONNA make sure the curse in the right spot before the old Miss Click on online poker. We've all done it so I should say I one and then I finished in the money and then this week you went out before me. I didn't hear the money but you still went out before. Yeah that's true so so the week where you made that mistake. Melanie actually went on to win the tournament. And then this last week you and I both were out before. The money and veto because veto actually won the tournament and it was funny because Veto was not on the phone. Call that chatting. Oh that's right. We had A. We had a google hangout going at the time and he'd been on the week before but for whatever reason wasn't that weekend and as with any group of people who are all your friends and that you all like when somebody's not in on the talk they get out. Oh yeah via. We were all rooting against you. I'm just telling you right now. We were all rooting. It's so funny with groups of friends you know. Have Ten people if one person out there the whole time and that's what it was. It was just ragging on. I know we're all going. Oh we've actually gotten a few requests from listeners. Asking about how they can play poker online with friends like a home game. And let's talk about what poker stars offers a poker stars. Has this feature called home game where you can specifically invite certain people to play in a game so you can set up a tournament? The tournament announcement will only go out to the players that you have determined to be in your home game group and then you can all get together and play a tournament and if you WanNa play for real money what you can do is have somebody be in charge of all the cash everybody then. Mos that person the entry fee and then at the end of the tournament that person distributes all the winnings to the winning players. Now the game actually on poker stars is just for play money. So you're technically playing play money game online and the great thing about money you can play that in any state you don't have to have real online poker legal in your state any state you can play these play money games and then whoever is running the game can determine all right out of however many players are in this tournament. The top number of spots gets paid a poker stars has a built in thing where the top certain number of people win. Play money chips back but you can determine your own payout schedule and again this person would just you know. Distribute the money out to the win in order to play the tournaments on poker stars. You have to use play money that you get when you first sign up and you also get every four hours every four hours. You can request more free. There's a free chips but in free. Play money chips button up.

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