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I think he would prefer Medina spirit to have an outside post because concert tour who was old separate owners. This is kind of interesting, and that's the whole strategy. When you talk about the race what's gonna happen in when they go to the gate opens? Who's going to the lead? I can't predict it. Because my Penis spirit has run its best races when he's in the lead. Looks like he did in the Kentucky Derby that was the best race of his life. Concert tour number. 10, the other Baffert horse. His best races has been when he's on the lead. Well, they both can't be on the league's substance got a gift. So the question is You have a hall of Fame jockey and Medina Spirit. John Velazquez Hall of Fame jockey on Concert or Mike Smith, who's going to Little League. I can't predict it, and that's what that's what makes this race a little bit difficult because whoever goes to the front certainly has an advantage. Before we get to the the betting advice, you know, we always like to ask about long shots, any good ones to that. And, you know, I got to tell you guys as far as long shots in the Preakness, the Derby's had 2 50 to 1 shot's mine that bird Giacomo 5 4009 that the bell amount of 2001 had a 70 to 1 shot in the history of the Preakness, the longest shot to ever win. Is only 23 to 1. So long shots do not do that great in the Preakness. In fact, the favorite is one half of the Preakness is throughout the history, which is amazing, considering the national average for favorites and horse racing is about 33%. The witness is a very formal race that said, there's two horses that you may want to look at the to keep me in mind. He's a deep stretch runner. He'll need a fast pace. Willie get it or not. We'll have to see. But the trainer made a comment this week. He loves his horse. Trainer, Robert E. Know Theodora was a very good trainer. When he makes a statement like that, we may have to pay attention. The other horse, you may be interested in it before crowded, trading Standard one he has the same pattern is 1017 winner called Computing Cloud Computing won. His first range came in second in the Gotham in the second race. Third in the one. This horse has done the exact same thing, and, you know horses, trainers, our habits and patterns, so you may want to look at the long shot, but I have to tell you, I think it's a two horse race. Between the three Medina spirit in the 10 concerts or concert tour guys. He was, how did better as a better horse leading up to the baby, then Medina spirit, This source is unlimited potential. He went off at 1 to 5 in the Arkansas Derby. He tired out late, and Baffert said the source needs some rest. So that's why he wasn't in the Derby. He may have been the favorite in the Derby if he won the Arkansas Derby. Tonight. To me. He's the horse to beat. I have pen in hand. What's the plan? Yeah, again. Very hard race to make money. If the two favorites run, 12, I'm gonna box three horses in the tri, The horse that we were talking about in the Derby that he had a bad trip. He didn't break well, and he was wide the hallways. The five midnight bourbon, So I'm gonna play an exacta box. Three Medina Spirit, the five minute Bourbon and the 10 concert tour. I'm going to do the same thing in the trifecta box. The three horses the 35 times. I gotta tell you quickly, guys we had to customers on the content and the Kentucky Derby that bet $1 on the Super factor. 879 14 and guess what came in 879 14 that $1 back. Got them over $9000. So you don't have to spend a lot of money on TBS will open tomorrow at 10 A.m. Post time is just that is 6 50 from wager all day long Your potato via downs in our park Place. Event center Wagering starts today at noon and wait there until six o'clock And then tomorrow we're having that wagering will be open. The park place will have tables and chairs put up that we still have capacity limits and you still have to work face covering. But you could wait around the Kentucky or the Preakness Stakes right here in the park place and the Ryan's party is still going on there still room $75 deal. You can check out the information that the table was gaming dot com is a great little party, you know, free play, $10 waits around the frequent so you can pay at the door. So that's going out a lot going on. Guys should be an interesting race. You didn't get a plug in for behavior bets dot com. Well, thank you because the TV abets calm has been amazing. Uh, bonus for new users. Only you wager. $100. We give you $25 bonus. We signed up over 500 customers for the Derby, taking advantage of that bonus And I have to tell you kudos to your listeners. Howard. Because based on what? We took it on the Derby, we paid out way more than we should have. We should have paid out and winnings about 1.2 million, but your listeners crushed the Kentucky Derby. We paid out over 1.4 million. We were 9% better than the national average, so hopefully bring those tickets back the old TV and getting cash and take a shot at the briefing. Well, I always say, you know the reason why we talk about it. When Ryan first gave me the heads up about it. Todd is full. First off. You don't If you don't have to get in the car drive tow TV you got on your computer, but I also you know, I'm not an expert when it comes to, you know, try affect the exact all this stuff. And it's an easy enough sight that it walks you through shows you each bet. What you're choosing from gives your running total of how much it's going to cost. I mean it Z if I can figure it out, and I'm not. I don't have a clue on betting. Then anybody can figure out and you know we talked about if you don't know what you're doing. You feel a little pressure when you show up at out TV? Because you know all the people around. You're probably experts like Yeah, I think I'm exact a box Exact s. So you just do that online is not volunteers to because it is It can be intimidating, Bruce and pick three years and all this stuff. You can ask one of our volunteers myself. Ryan will be Europe. The TV down 10 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. The answer all your questions. It's a fun day. And like you say, what's nice about the TV abets compared to the other online wagering platforms is when you win, you're able to go down any old TV. It's a lot of what you're all slipping. Guess what will pay immediately. You do not have to wait 3 to 5 Days for your money, old TV, you'll get paid. Right away. Always nice to talk to you. Enjoy the race. Have a great day, And that's a load of the legendary Paul Hamilton. Former legend. I'm right here. You just said Hello, Tau Legendary left. Listen to Paul Hamilton. Always an honor to Paul. You're the one I knew somebody didn't appreciate it. As I said, you've made me a lot of money over the years. Well, let's hope it continues everything. Thanks, Todd. That is Todd Hiett from behavior Downs legendary. Why me when they do? W g R knight and Potato Downs? I don't member seeing on the You know the big message board there we welcome everyone from W gr, most notably the legendary Paul Hamilton. I don't tell him not to get too carried away so you don't get your feelings hurt. So I care about your feelings? Because I've got a big ego, You know that I am a prima donna in a big way. Listen now. Egypt, Maddox come up. Now. We're gonna talk about the sabers understanding of class with him, But I know your final segment with us is next. We told Paul he didn't have to stay for the whole four hours because he's a good dude. I do want to get your The team You would like to see. Win the cup this year. All right, we'll do that We get back with you ate all three old 5 50 to join us. 8885 52 5 50 If you just joined us, Oh, and you missed the Todds betting advice or you didn't quite catch it all the folks over, But maybe a down's gaming have just tweeted it out. I will re tweet it so it's going to be there if you want to go ahead and put a wager down on the Preakness, Tamar. The only way you can take w gr sports radio 5 50 with you is the Odyssey AB Tell noted today and listened to us anytime, anywhere. Brought to you by Geico, local office West Seneca. Tompkins Bank of Castile fully local, totally mobile carrying attorneys..

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