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Traffic on the threes let's get the fourday wbz accuweather forecast here's accu weather i'm meteorologist steve travis mostly sunny today high up to forty four this afternoon tonight a few patchy clouds slow down to twenty nine tomorrow sunshine followed by increasing clouds with a high of forty two another snowstorms go to move up the coast tomorrow night and that's going to bring us snow tomorrow night and through tuesday as well we'll see total snow accumulations of most spots of six to ten inches and also the winds are really going to pick up right through tuesday causing blizzard conditions at times and also there can be coastal flooding at high tide low tomorrow night down to thirty one high tuesday thirty six the snow moves away tuesday night and trying out wednesday with a mix of clouds and sun high around forty i'm accuweather meteorologist steve travis wbz newsradio 1030 sunny embraced right now thirty four degrees in boston gun restriction signed into law by florida governor rick scott are being criticize now from both a right and the left democrats wanted to see a ban and sometimes it semi automatic rifles love republicans are echoing the view of the nra who say the measure is completely unconstitutional the new law raises the minimum age to buy rifles and applies a threeday waiting period to the purchase of lo long guns as well as handguns in southern california nia and accused cop killer is taken into custody following a standoff that started friday night standoff went on for over seventeen hours eventually the alleged gunman captured seen coming out of an apartment in his underwear in handcuffs he's accused of killing officer gregory casillas by firing through a door casillas was a new officers says pomona police chief michel all a very he was just about to complete filled training before the incident happened governor jerry brown has released a statement offering his condolences and saying flags here in california will be flown at half staff alex stone abc news los angeles a second officer is injured remained in stable condition in a hospital is the.

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