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Stories are in a way similar. He was born in Liberia went to Germany. Now he's he's in the UK he had to take a fight in the away corner to taste gallagher earlier in the year slowest. That's one of the things I found really interesting about. This fight is that you've both children the same pattern away as bisque. Actually I only similar similar. He's African descent Lived in Germany. Boso box here actually worked for the southern area in English. toffee one those So and he's boxed away in books way away show so it's eerily similar so we're both hungry. Who Boyfriend or will it takes? What's needed to win? You know what we were willing to do you to get down okay. We'll speaking hungry. I will let you go. Best of luck. Thank you so Natalia. That's where he likes to go most boxes. These days generally find way down to non does if you go to the local non those after way and if you're a boxing found then you'll find the move down there probably in a slightly better than you would have found them if you came. It gives them a few minutes together. Yeah that's got a few chicken wings down and then you'll find the probably a bit happier than you did so. NC minutes before that so just looking ahead to another fight that saw on that so next week there was there was a kind of a semi decent linked to be made that rebel fighters eating too much struggling to make the white given that. He's it's just not done also done anyway. Jacobs again Chavez Friday in Phoenix and Jacob stepping up to super middleweight. which we we would really? After after boxing canal it had to happen. He somehow managed to make sixty but he looked too slow long cumbersome for for Canal. I think it's fair to say people are shot by says won't fascinates me early because he hasn't he had to fight the gates Camello. He was recruited for that because exceeds a big Mexican name and it was going to sell it would pay has really taken dobson richly since since such modernist beaten thousand twelve golf against canal. It really was like Jimmy between to someone else. He's tough he's tough yeah. Yeah uh-huh so even though we come from a privileged background his father was a millionaire. But it's hard he was into. Boxing is fired as preakness New Mexico. Isn't it. Let's be honest so we said everything his his own way. And and so it's hard to know to be. This is all to you for that. But he is actually turf but he's just eat boxes and he trains and he lives his life like like an like he's entitled and he's in the wrong spot for that so I can't see how he beat anyone at this level. I think it'd be quite that entertaining. Because take us to try and get rid of him and won't be able to but a path from that I just think I think Chavez option on his name alone and I think after that and Canal Alvarez fight but he didn't really make the epide- should have he doesn't deserve it because he has that name always going to get that opportunity. Well how boxed for for a long time and ninety two years over two years then took a fight two or three months ago in Mexico which I think was probably the first fight. He's maybe ever had that wasn't televised. I've always done on on TV now. He's back in this one that there were problems because he went submits about competition testing. But but he is clearly an available to fight and Alex like I remember good. Good life for Bob Aramon Chavez where he was saying that the show vices life is like a reality show and everybody wants to know what happens next. And that's I mean that's kind of how it's how it's been for him. He did win that. WBZ middleweight talking. Defended a few times so it's not achieve anything but you could see the marketing minds lines of come from. I fully agree with Barry as well. Because he's a real on the cheever lately and he's not interested anymore seems to lose passion but this says a great move by mushroom and eighty one to get fired because ultimately this a long term game. We've got column Smith with big names in that division or division above we call lingering around so we need the interim fight Daniel Jacobs progress or Chavez if this something Russian Russian same even stick shoots once a year so you never know Chavez possibly could do something and then we'll go big fight with massive Mexican community fighting where we'd the people I just mentioned so this is a Great Commotion Move And this is an answering fight for something. Better is a great platform commotion and Matraman Eighty particularly the hot saloon. This with his own. This new television deals to think three or four steps ahead is not just one final note. One day as you can imagine and Daniel Jacobs is lost with Matra my belief what what is the deal. I think I think I think I think he signed because he's original deal was about to USA on HBO so he's original channel deal pre existed. They the wilder decided at the start of the year. Because of the also the de la Hoya tweeted. I'm just going to go ahead and make the Camello gee-gee trilogy because no one else is stepping up at which point the bat phone ragged mushroom. HP We're not here and go straight on its side Jacobs and the fight was made basically two days later so he's had one fight with them as I understand the tree. USA fighter is heaping. Maneuver towards. Callum Smith is I think so it could make spent and it's a good fighters and all that unreal step up for Colin Smith to be honest. But you know especially after the last fight we a you know. Many people thought that he thinks maybe new lucky to get the win or even in a in a fight had what anyone expected to be. If that's what you want if you WANNA call it I thought he was lucky myself either way but they just happen to championship boxing. Every fight should be had is for the wall tile New People people nowadays complain when a champion is in a had satisfied. Defendant is strange defending. We'll tell if it's not hard it's not worth it because I mean you can blossom and all of that really early but I mean potentially on paper NBA. Every fight should be happy because the challenges should be would will championship worthy and should be worthy to be good enough to be a world champion potentially so I should make it a half like itself so but I think Jacobs and Smith is a good fights but I I just got feeding. That Jacobs might've Pete for me already. Yeah I think I. I think he's on declined. Yeah I think he looks. Paul can't seem get any better now. I think I think that's it peaked. Because he's been around longer than what you think and at this level on what you think is well so do you think about that pyramid. That was ages ago. Yeah he was not the long ago. Yeah yeah well this. I mean this. We'll get onto Liam Smith and just Kelly it is well. There's another Rica fight on that card for the WBZ flyweight title vacant title after it was vacated between Partners Christopher Resolve that house one. I'm I'm really looking forward. See with Smith and Kelly Kelly's our an interesting year as an eight. Because I think when you sign when when the Rio Olympian signed they come with a big fan fair and there was a lot of positivity this year there's been a bit we'll negatively towards towards. What's Kelly narcan quite work out? Whether I think it's Farrell not. I think probably I think I've come down on the side that I think it probably isn't. He didn't stop runoff skate earlier in the year but he wanted three rounds. But it's the case Ray Robinson for me because Robinson drew with caviar. Pretty Lincoln's three with Robinson he was winning the five three four rounds. Moving boxing really nicely then he just changed style held his feet more went back to the ropes and competing on the fire. Oh I couldn't work out. Why did I heard him say recently that he gassed debate in the second half which is a little bit of a worry? I thought it might have been that case of a winning winning this fight. But I don't want to win it like this. I want to stand in front of him and I want to show people that I can do what they don't think I can do a bit like to Bradley. Did with provoked revolt Nicole. Because you do you find the common sense he said well show you. I'll show you. I can do to fight a lot. Thank you tend to fight. I think no the the problem is nowadays. Everyone thinks if you're if you're champion then you should plaster everyone regardless until you get at that and I think you have to evaluate and but obviously fund the Olympics to British fighters I stood out and it was Brazzi and Kelly because the styles you think they could adapted well and I think other booth stoller sharing that wide stance in that left hand low or the other legion low softball stocks. It's really how tall had style to to come up against to work and power so I saw I feel my opinion. I if you don't have natural power that it's had to maintain because that wide stance I think my feet and is takes a lot of energy because you shouted at constantly so so Alexia fluency. So I think that you you end up calling boxing locker puncture but maybe not want to be more aggressive and hit no 'cause jab from your waist and you have to have good reflexes which luckily clearly has cause your hands low but had to reach what y'all doing especially with the hand so so bad if you're not a puncher and the guy we real zillions zillion like every Roberson. Then you start the feet nothing you've got to produce more pollen than if you haven't gone it then then you can come and stuck so I think it's had and also you tire and you see a Lotta the fighters tired because teh-tai it's so much power George Groves Tight on the streets so much. Paul is very similar. The ryen didn't apologize. Well might call the new exhibit this special talent so they'll adapt but I think that Robinson draw all is not a bad results. I'm with you as well. It's not a bad result just to summarize you both said something very valid George Katie has massive pressure festival. He's yes he's an Olympian. Secondly he's extremely emotional. He looks fantastic. Modification Asif expectation from British public plus ski train by a Fox of boxing other. Both who's got his own plans. He Sees Kelly. How you on the progress on the way A and his Bari Point? Though because he doesn't punch in the big sense of that word he could have done safety very gala Andrea.

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