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Of having to say well i just don't see it that way i see it completely differently you have the right to say that but you gotta have an awful strong conviction to come out and say that so it doesn't have what the lawyers call presidential affect in any formal sense but in a practical sense it sure does if they're going to be settlement negotiations it changed the balance of power in any of those negotiations howard let's go to the missouri cases for a moment and tell us about the reasoning of the missouri appeals court and the effect that has on the case cases there what in court during eight court had no jurisdiction over johnston john they had no power to barring flynn john and if the case does not arise out some contact that accompany had with live there to what that means at the practical matter is very plaintiff we'll be able to do j and k perry but california plaintive an alabama your whole not they either have to change eight in the company home state of new jersey or they can pilot in their own home state of other state that have the relationship to acclaim and it'll quote from a us supreme court a couple of months ago and why did they sue in missouri missouri who couldn't acne jurisdiction occur pointed in a telephone litigation it's not uncommon for klinka clear to decide that a particular port either attractive jury demographic or or court rulings eric jay jay seems to be winning at the appellate level but when the cases go before a jury they're losing what does that tell you it tells you that when you go into the jurors and you tell the story about a really unfortunate woman who died of cancer there the jurors are going to try to find a way to do something about it especially when the other company is a big company there's a lot of emotion and when you get to the appeals court appeals court exist for a number of reasons in one of the reasons is to get away from the emotion and back to the law so i think this is a pattern we will continue to see howard were the plaintiffs chances on appeal in theory that already permanent comedian court of appeal can credit take it higher i i'd be surprised if they were successful at getting leader dick low oh overturned in theory part of the california turn.

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