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Fresno suddenly the the country like said new impressive and cam genius front teams and you know the story these he's skating and today join us for the largest veterans day parade the west of the mississippi it's depth awful week from today in downtown fresno join us this reminder brought to you by the bank of the sierra seven twenty fresno's morning news continues with matt onside thank you tony the life and service of a fallen fresno county sheriff's sergeant is honored and a memorial in tranquil it we get the story from k mj's ruth michaels on the same field forty six year old rob locusts once played high school football players friends family and members of line for spent gather to remember the fall in fresno county sheriff sergeant that was an jeff shariff margaret names was join thursday night by michael martinez who played high school football with lucas tuesday that and jeff and that and our at the end of the memorial women's were released is the crowd chanted the name of the fallen sergeant this you know service for rod lucas says plan for november ninth at ten am at the people stir chen ne fresno ruth michaels came shane antics elsewhere a change in the valley's their quality mean several county is under a bernard curtail meant for today the valley air district says on last you have a registered clean burning device today is an no burn day for fresno kings taught larry the valley portion of turn counties the district reminds you always check before you burnt and you can do so at its website it's address valley air.

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