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Today. At Office Depot officemax. Offer expires January twenty six twenty nine. News talk news wants to feature your business. As part of our discovery feature which highlights businesses that are not yet known nationally offer products or services that benefit biz TV viewers available in over forty markets on broadcast TV and online via biz TV club dot com. Biz TV wants to help get the word out about your business. If you're interested in having your business featured on a future episode of biz talk discovery, Email us discovery at biz dot com. This alert just came in. This special announcement is for business owners and leaders of organizations who've been waiting for the right time to build general steel has made it impossible to wait any longer with rock bottom prices that could save you thousands. That's right. General steel, America's leader in pre engineered structures is offering buildings at prices. You will never see again. Don't miss these prices. A fifty by one hundred for under thirty thousand dollars. You heard right. That's five thousand square feet under thirty thousand dollars manufacturers if you need larger building try one hundred by one hundred commercial building for one hundred twenty nine thousand you can't afford to rent with these prices. Imagine a seventy one hundred foot church building for under sixty nine thousand dollars with the economy improving and interest rates still at historic lows. You can't afford to wait. Call eight hundred six zero five fifty three seventy eight hundred six five fifty three seventy call eight hundred six zero five five. Five three seven. Oh, if you're suffering from hearing loss, stay tuned for a special offer from the makers of listenclear. A revolutionary hearing aid breakthrough. Designed by top audio engineers to figure ear almost invisibly. Right now, you can try listenclear hearing aids absolutely free for forty five days. You can also qualify for free shipping and free batteries for life. Listenclear hearing aids are so lightweight and comfortable you can wear them all day long. They're practically invisible too. So others won't even notice you're wearing them. And the best part is you'll be able to hear.

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