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At when you when you did you drive vote the the dublin galway road edward i wrote a little title jersey turnpike only prettier here's a cricket more from from outlay yeah well and you had to go on the dublin going wrote yes oh okay did you notice all of the sudden in the middle of nowhere aside from all the pasture land than you know places you you drive through because it's a road that looks like the mass pike or it lino it looks like the new jersey turnpike you know it's a nice flight to and it's the same that both the all three of those routes the dublin go away the uh the jersey turnpike end the mass pike they're all our a hundred thirty miles long more or less than these jersey pay a pike is a hundred twenty miles long it takes you two hours from one end to the other same story but did you noticed how many creative sculptures in the middle of nowhere on the sinai yelled the ruc really randolph tryono eddie kills me because you know you're going probably one hundred twenty or thirty or forty kilometers in our which is somewhere between about two hundred twenty five at seventy five miles an hour or more because some people really is the belong even though there is speed limits a knock quite as bad as in germany but um you know you you go by too quickly get a photo of it or pull off the side of the road and backup in the service line they they're everywhere i mean everywhere you look did your husband while he was interested in pursuing venues associated with ink english literature there is lots of irish literature written in english that emanating from people like george bernard shaw and james joyce an william butler yeats.

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