Jaguars, Adam Schefter, Cleveland Browns discussed on Glenn Beck


Finalize a contract. Contrast. Former Cleveland Browns interim head coach Gregg Williams speed their new defensive coordinator. I on the story was Adam Schefter of ESPN Schefter also reporting X colonels offense, rainier, Mike McCurry is interviewing for the Jaguars OC vacancy. Arizona's sport's station. John Madera reports the colonel's interview John Felipo for their OC vacancy on Sunday. The Packers have hired ex Jaguars offense Nathaniel Hackett as therightseat Nevada kings, Gary kubiak as an offensive advisor in the NBA to ESPN Asia announced the Mavericks or quote, escalating discussions find a trade home for Dennis Smith junior. Sons. A magic have been active in those discussions and an MRI revealed ligament damage in clink Capellas right thumb, and he is expected to miss the next four to six weeks action. I'm Dan strafford. And this has been your fantasy sports radio network. News update fantasy sports radio network keyword fantasy on your iheart radio. Apps. The latest news and events ever closer. We will have a fair and open process. I think we have the votes we do think that it will wrap up. So what you think about it? The way we think, and we live out here is up to you. All right. Dr opinions people really really have had it this year radio for thanking people here radio shows a conduit for thinking people better awake. What's going on? AM T AM seven hundred toussaud's most stimulating nightmare. Twenty eight. Four soccer players. On March twenty nine hundred North Korea. S T AM seven hundred ninety. He saw most stimulating talk..

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