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Oh, by the way, fuck in. I direct TV showed up, dude. They fucking straight up showed up direct TV part two. They showed the fuck up with three guys that weren't dressed in uniforms. Would they were wearing sweaters? And I swear to God they look like they were in J crew catalog. And they did everything and then left which lets me know, you can do it. They texted me do. I got a fucking like I'm gonna have lunch with them. I am dude. I told him I would take out Hulu if they didn't show up. I told him I would take out who take out the dish employees and fucking and take them to dinner and then make love to him. I'm not going to do that anymore. They came in. They set it up, which means they can do it. They got scared dude they got scared because of the fucking colts. That's what we're doing here. We're bettering lives and not just mine. We're making direct TV setback. And the cult made direct TV sit back reflect on how the fuck their customer service was run, and it was running poorly, and I had to put out a fucking hot freestyle about it. And it was a wakeup call for them. And I don't just want it to work with me. I wanted to work with everyone else. So we are bettering the world babies babies, we're bettering customer service, and we're bettering the world. Got it didn't have to suck. Take them out the delta. How about how good fucking Christian bale is in that movie the fighter? At the end when they do that one clip, and he's just talking and he's just like, yeah. You know? And he's and he starts crying. What the fuck? Hey, are you really that guy? I would only like Christian bale better for if there was one other thing he did if he didn't fucking either lose weight or get fat or use prosthetics. And was just like this is how I'm doing it. I want I need Christian bale and easy to play a fucking Indian woman with no makeup. And just kill it and get nominated. I think that Romney Malik. It's mala great. I think he's that guy saw a little bit on the plane. I saw bohemian rhapsody. He's so good in that movie that guy is so good. I saw him once at the coffee being and I was like famous enough to where he's going to know. Why I'm and I went, hey, man. I'm fan you work. And he said, oh, yeah. I know you. Yeah. You really great. I like your stuff. Yeah. You really funny. I was like all cool. Thanks, buddy. He was like. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. But he fucking killed that shit. He killed it with his fucking buck prosthetic teeth, dude. I need to get some fucking buckeyes prosthetic teeth and just fucking do it role that should made me wanna get some buckeyes prosthetic teeth. I was crazy human wraps, dude. Freddie. Mercury was this shit. But wasn't he tall? I feel like Romney is shorter. How tall is? What's his name five five nine, Freddie? Mercury. Romney's five nine tall. Freddie. Mercury. Five ten okay. He looked big in the old folk and that guy rocked it, though. Damn. I want. That's honestly. Wow. That's that's how I got address. Just in a fuck and crown and wife beater, you know, like such a mixed up fucking outfit. Crown in a wife beater..

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