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Nigel Jason hammers here it's interesting timing for president trump with this whole pulling the troops out of the Syrian border Turkey and the Kurds in the ISIS prisoners it's the timing is odd for me hammer he's facing in front facing impeachment how much is a sham is it seems to be Hughes has this this impeachment thing going on right now the Democrats and taking off a bunch of Republicans including Lindsey Graham has been one of those vocal high profile Republicans coming out against this whole thing and see you guys trump needs help with he he needs help from especially in the Senate I I don't think Republicans would have been nearly as upset if trump were pulled out of a totally out of Afghanistan which is no where near the strategic necessity for United States of the Syrian Kurds are containing isis in containing Iran in that area it's kind of a decision Donald Trump has to make do you want to make friends and the Senate and the house and played good and be good with your allies which in this case would be the Kurds or do you want to fulfill a campaign promise of America first bringing troops home to the American public the American public or friends on the inside what's IT gonna be and it looks like Donald Trump chose the American people here and again this is not an easy situation this is a tough situation for the president because the Kurds have helped the United States soldiers do quite a bit over there fighting ISIS but yesterday don't trouble speaking to the media and he was talking about the hardest thing he had to do as the president you don't normally see Donald Trump I'll be vulnerable you don't normally see him speak softly so to speak but his speech yesterday about the hardest thing he has to do as president I think sheds a little light as to why he made this decision the hardest thing I have to do by far is signing letters to parents of soldiers that have been killed and it's not only that in areas where there's not a lot of upside if there's any upset at all and in many cases is only downside the hardest thing I have to do is signing those letters SO hardest thing I have to do that last week I signed five of them for Afghanistan one in Iraq one in Syria from two weeks ago when they bring that boy your young woman out of the back of those big powerful planes in a coffin and the parents are there and they are walking the coffee with a boy inside this coffin with an American flag over the town and they're walking in that coffin down this ramp and I've seen people that I thought was really incredible away there which I did even understood how they could take it so well is scream sometimes they'll run to the coffin they'll break through military Barrasso run to the cough and jump on top of the call for crying mothers and wives crying desperately up and this is on these endless wars that just never stop and is a tie I mean there's a place but it's time to stop you know when he starts giving you that visual of somebody that lost their son or their daughter or somebody that lost their husband or their father in their jumping on top of the coffin and crying you understand where he's coming from but there's also a faction of you know how many Kurds lost their lives supporting the United States in our war on terror so it's a rough situation for the president knowledge real rough situation for him to be an but I think that speech yesterday showed where his heart was a lot of people say Donald Trump doesn't have a hard I thought that speech yesterday was from the heart now if you are talking about people that don't have a heart let's talk about Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton because man these two seem like they're kind of tied at the hip here sometimes Harvey Weinstein Stein tried using street cred with hill rod to kill pharaoh's story about him coming out yeah room in pharaoh's once these are one of a one of you huge awards for that story and Clinton publicist made little phone call ronin pharaoh back in twenty seventeen he can we can I'm concerned about the connection here between Hillary Clinton are the ones the in their battles as one if maybe you could just leave that at all yeah and this is in pharaoh's new book man these horrible people they hang out in bunches don't they thank you know we often play game here called in my horrible person but these horrible people they enjoy each other's company wind Steen hello Ron I'm sure the hillbilly bill was running around there somewhere I was speaking of Bill Clinton I mean that's that's Hillary's them all right she tries to swatch anybody that that will that she could be connected we look what what should she try to make Monica Lewinsky look like a lunatic back in the days of those other women the queues Bill Clinton it wasn't until it Monica came out with that the infamous blue dress that did things kind of changed a little bit the president having the big rally in Minneapolis tonight knowledge this is this first rally since the impeachment drama went down so he's got that to talk about his feud with the mayor of Minneapolis going on this is the same state that's your hand Omar is a representative to mention her marriage dissolving I think it's on the dock of the war in Syria China in the NBA he's got a lot of stuff to play with do you think you're going to see off the rails rally trump tonight or the somewhat reserved trump we've seen the last couple times out I mean look you know they'll Hanno Mars state he'd probably better be a little quicker on the trigger if the send her back chant starts up again is all and say a made for you was step ahead of that but yeah he's got a lot to go over lot of brand new things to bring up so train in the NBA it's gonna be an easy one sure I'll play the hits though yeah I I mean last couple times out we've gotten a Pocahontas we've gotten a Cryin shop we got a few of the classic nicknames but he hasn't gone all in he's got a lot of stuff to work with tonight if he doesn't go all in you know he's been told by his advisers play it cool play the heads don't break out any new material just let the Democrats each other up here will sit back and hang out nothing right now this is the time for Donald Trump to fight back to punch back I think you might see that tonight so we could in theory have a moments like this the now decide whether they will continue to fraud in the public with ridiculous both you could have a moment or maybe an off the rails moment like this I love these guys these guys blacks were dropped by love you could have a moment like that or maybe an off the rails moment like things are going good for you and for our country thank you I love you too thank hello you are all right we do earlier we talked about it I own up to it take a double play around in my horrible person Cameron I do present whirlpool person they're awful ninety three W. I. D. C. now this is the way in my horrible person works this is kind of the interactive part of the hammering Nigel show I'm going to tell you a situation that's gone out on much on that situation and you'll get the call in the hammer Nigel show listeners and judge the be Jesus out of me and let me know whether or not I am indeed a horrible person I get away into you absolutely do has there ever been a time where you but in my corner and this noon is usually accept often and I'm not I'm calling your horrible person dateline and Norway in eighteen year old check in Norway is catching a bunch of heat on social media because she had a story of her pet horse drifting speed was the horse's name drifting speed this beautiful eighteen year old girl from Norway she put on a social media post and said she was heartbroken that our horse passed away had to be euthanized but then she also went on to say that their family decided to chop up the horse and put some horse steaks in the freezer and she is the horse stakes three eight our own wars she wrote on Facebook quote if I'm going to eat horse meat it's going to be my own so here's the deal this is getting death threats people saying how could you do that that was a pet you should never own another pet as long as you live in my a horrible person for thinking if your pet is tasty and it dies eat the but Jesus out of it what is the big deal here if someone told me that cats tasted like steak and my cat died I'm absolutely finding somebody to hack that thing up and put it in the fridge you're disturbed people do that with dear Ryan wrong people eat deer meat all the time they put in our research domesticated one of the horses are I'm not saying I mean a lot of countries eat horses let's face facts Europe Asia South America that's it's a delicacy a quarter going to culinary tradition if you will I wouldn't do it in my backyard I I I with doesn't okay let me ask you this how how hungry in my in my starving your a food source shortage then maybe I'd have a different angle on this let's say that your doing okay you're not rich you're not poor there's no food desert around anywhere you just want to be thrifty with your money you understand that you can save a lot of money by eating the drifting speed nope your horrible person so let's open it up right now horrible two three nine ninety three ninety three that's the number two three nine ninety three ninety three am I a horrible person because I'm with this chick from Norway if you have a pet horse and you liked horse meat and your horse died you could be sad you can mourn then you absolutely have yourself a cook out two three nine ninety three ninety three number fourteen he ever had a horse never I come from a non pony country understood however the roads back it up pretty solidly on the eastbound.

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