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Foreign power wanting to impact our elections and making every effort to do so and then that information with a pay dnc staffer passed on of the clinton campaign and passed on to the dan say well even adam schiff had to admit it's wrong this weekend but none of this would happen if i don't beat the living crap out of these stories hannity of being repetitive you talked about it yesterday at because no one else will pick it up if i do a one day hit and run its employ horton if you've gotta keep hammering these things listen let me ask you i understand hillary clinton lost understand this effort was not as elaborate as as as the russian effort but was inacceptable or wouldn't been unacceptable for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government in this campaign unknown when the approach tell from ukraine ukrainian government but i think if you look at the political article and we're talking about just a a single article here if you accept all the facts in the article the scale of what the russians there is not comparable to anything in that article a if it were the comparable analogy would be that the ukrainian president directive ukrainian tell allegience agencies to steal the hack donald trump's campaign steel emails publish them direct to the social media army to influence the election and sat down if represent a sat down with chelsea clinton and john podesta in which they indicated they wanted the dirt on donald trump there's no suggestion anything of that magnitude of a scale as different acknowledge that but this is problematic is that this ukrainian meetings problematic and your oil it would be problematic to get any kind of support from a foreign government but again i think to compare the two is a bit like comparing a bank robbery with the writing a check with insufficient funds both appropriate money from the bank improperly a very different degree of seriousness them involvement in this case by a foreign government.

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