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It's been on your perspective. But I would say it was a wonderful business decision by the wild. Because it's just what you mentioned that. That means they're television rights are worth more. Their tickets are worth more from a business standpoint. I think that was one of the all-time great boons fourteen. Yes. Yes. In there. The timber wolves in the wild is well run organizations as there are as far as you know, fan participation the experience that the fans receive and the wild have done a spectacular job making fans feel part of it, which I think also help just the consistency of the desire to go to timbale Erta wild games. Vikings Packers Sunday night. What's it looking like from where you sit still, you know, I I'm trying to figure out why it still as extensively still solid a ticket as because you know, for so many years to Packer fans has kind of driven the Marquette Packers are doing well in Minnesota. You know becomes a hotter ticketed. The Packers are not, you know, they're obviously struggling there's you know, they're unhappy with their coach and seems like for the first time in a long time. There's a little bit of. Apetit towards the Green Bay Packers. We have an office in Green Bay. So we're kind of. This. You're gonna see that ticking office. So I I'm lucky enough to get you know, both perspectives. And we've seen the prices for Packers really drop also towards the end of the year which partially as did it affect the cold weather games. You know, the in by the way that doesn't mean they don't sell out. It's just a question of what the tickets value is correct. Correct. Correct. You know it. Seldom drops below at a situation where we're selling tickets at less than face value. But this year there have been a couple of games where they, you know, the market is kind of a round face value, which partially due to the fact that the prices have increased in I think partially due to the fact that you know, the team just is not taking the next step. Like Packer fans are so used to them doing so. What we've seen with the Packer Viking game here. Is there still demand? I I'm hoping that's the Vikings fans that still are holding out hope fifteen can do something. And I think anyone who has watched it at all is aware that, you know, this is not a bad football team in you know. I don't wanna say the sky's the limit. But you know, they could get hot at the right time. Which would be great for all about for. Sure. Last question gopher basketball there they're five and when they when they are competitive in the big Ken Williams arena special place to they have a chance to make some noise from a consumer standpoint. Yes. Yeah. I'd always dies. And you know, I'm I guess I'm old enough to remember the crime Haskins. That was the best show in town time PR. Yeah. There is not a better place to watch sporting event when it's rock and MS Williams arena in the beginning season starts ladder here. Now. Yeah. It's weird. There's all of a sudden the big ten game. You know, when it's usually the preseason the non conference games, but you know, there have been a couple flashes. You know in between hobbies sitcom Haskins days. Tubby Smith had some good teams. But when when it becomes the thing to do when that team is pointing well, you know, the the prices just get to a point for that. Crazy for the good seats. And I don't get embarrassed very often for what we charge. Yup. There have been some basketball games where at Mike. Wow. I can't believe people are paying this. But they do a great show when it's right. And when it's not it's not that greatest show. So hey, Michael have a great holiday season. We'll talk soon UT. We'll talk to you later. You bet. Mike Nowak, husky. Stocking stuffer forty maybe ticket for favorite game. Whatever it is coming up. That's always a good gift. I think I'm gonna talk about black Friday on the other side. Mike, Maxine taking up to timber wolves.

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