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I'm sorry. Later. So sixty miles out. Law. Right. You're on the double marker with Mark Bailey, your legal gambling and legal murder voting. The Bailey so not long after Billy came out with his nine millimeter fired six or seven shots in the air and the passengers begin to think they were just going to be murdered. Now. It's getting scared. Now it's getting real scare seventeen hours into the trip. Chris, they let seven AM normal. No. On there. Not much you run out of gas seventeen. Our Slater, captain, Mark. Seventeen hours into the trip. The a lot of cocaine the captain mistakenly steered, the boat close enough to shore for cell phone service to work and passengers called the police who came to the rest was this problem, he ran out of cocaine, right? Yeah. He needed to get more. He had too much rum, not enough, cocaine couldn't keep me his own rule, which is don't let them get close enough to, to sure to make a cell phone yet. Don't throw their cell phones into the ocean. What do you think Mark? What an idiot. Right. So now all these passages have the best story I can think of people oh, you call it a fifteen hundred pound black Marlin. Well my captain shot me in the head and me in the ocean. I still wanna hear a better nice lightning around story. West west understand how how the lightning round works about as long as minute story. Details. Melville. Two hundred has the longest lightning round of all time next door largest drug testing lab in the United States, Quest Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, lost over seven, million patients records. I sure could use that back in the two thousands when I was a teenager applying for best buy spend a third of my first paycheck, GNC buying an extremely unsafe body..

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