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But i'll just go quicker. Because i know david you know will have more to say for them. As i think there are a number of things festival just to finish the conversation just do you think important to distinguish between sort of population doctrine ideas in other words. You don't have to invoke dynamics per se to be able to derive interesting properties from populations just ran from neurons and of course as dynamics and single neuron data. That's what the perish stimulus time histogram is right so you know. I think it's important to accidentally except there's a very important role for considering dynamics and trajectories in population level analyses but not to conflate them okay in other words that's one thing the the points if we're gonna worry about thinking coke nisshin and you have to say that there's something different between thinking and moving and there's something about the neuroscience of moving that isn't going to easily extrapolate to the neuroscience of thinking and that one's going to have to you know from the outside in well what is thinking united states. Who said what kind of representations does one have to vote has to talk about intense analogy when asked to talk about models of the world a detachable from a stimulus. The one has to think more about what sets cognition thinking apart from sensory motor system and actually appoint about mead seeing stroke patients. I can tell you that. I see uncoupling systems all the time at the the best example is the diving bound. The butterfly was written by the editor of french l. Dominique bobi where he had a pontiac hemorrhage was locked in and roshan entire book right now. He couldn't move at all right but he could write an incredibly beautiful book. Okay and all. I'm saying is whatever we end up understanding about how he wrote that book. It's going to require some extra thinking from how he lost his ability to move all right. So that's the first thing is except that there's a there's something about canham system to versus cannon system. One which i will flagrantly. Say a lot of movement to system one thinking system too. So that's which we start with and then go okay based on a bet. David i had. What kind of neuroscience is going to give us the best insights in jewish ins concepts to think about that difference between the cub to system in the sensory meta system. And the argument. Is that the hub field in view this idea of population level phenomena right which have dynamics a going to be the.

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