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Course i mean they never expected trump and you look back what happened right about the time nineteen fifty when they stopped asking this question on the census what what was happening then the brasileiro program that was the first time you had people in congress looking to bring as many people as they could in here legally for cheap jobs to undercut american labor and ever since then that has been a backbone of the democratic party we are speaking to or speaking with sam stone he is the chief of staff for phoenix city councilman sal the cc l a judicial watch reports that the city granted money to lorazepam for quote business assistance i guess we're supposed to help them what the light rail construction this is james james this is the biggest joke i've been here fourteen months with councilman decio and we've seen a lot of ridiculousness at the city as you might imagine this is this is at the top of the list you have a group here led by petra foul comb promise arizona rosza group that they go to their website they say straight out their mission is activating the hispanic vote getting as many illegals into this country as they possibly can open borders they're the people out there protesting outside john mccain and jeff flake office every day they're down at the capitol protesting ice chaining themselves out in the streets and then we give them mayor stanton and the city council majority gives them two point four million dollars that is supposed to go to help businesses along that new south central rail lines survive the construction i don't understand why they would be willing to do that i guess because i'm not steve.

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