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Those who have been fully vaccinated. CDC recommends that fully fascinated people can visit with other fully vaccinated people in small gatherings indoors. Without wearing masks or physical distancing. That is CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky, She says This is in private settings where everybody has been vaccinated. She also says when fully vaccinated people visit with those who are not vaccinated. You can go without a mask. If The unvaccinated person is not high risk and doesn't live with anybody who is fully vaccinated means that it's two weeks after you've been vaccinated, either with the two dose regimen or the Johnson and Johnson windows over 90% of our population, though, is still not fully vaccinated, so we cannot let our guard down just yet. 59 degrees on Peachtree Street, Sonny headed for high of 68. Atlanta's most accurate in dependable forecast is coming up. Right now, Let's get a check of the roads, Veronica Corals and the WSB 24 hour traffic center. Well, do you want to get out? Enjoy a little bit of sunshine Travel travel on the downtown connector. 75 85 Go ahead and do it is wide open in both directions. 75 85 north and South bound between I 20 and 17th Street, the Midtown area. I have more minutes. I'm Veronica around 95.5 wsb WSB news, some coming up on the 11 32 this news update Brought to you by Georgia United Credit Union Starting today, Georgia teachers are eligible for the covert vaccine Governor Brian Kip. Your Marx George's allocation of the Windows Johnson and Johnson vaccine for teachers. He's going to be dropping by the vaccination site at the old Cirrus store at Gwinnett Place Mall this hour. He should be there any time now. There are some concerns about possible side effects and missing class after getting the second dose of the vaccine. Dr Grant Rivera, superintendent of Marietta City schools, telling us We're gonna go ahead and offer another second shot during spring break to take advantage of the week off in case the second shot causes symptoms. And then we'll do with the following Friday as well to get the weekend. So for us it's March. 11 12 April 9th April. 16 and other school systems are also offering options for teachers who may have side effects. 13 shootings in Atlanta over the weekend and one person is dead this morning. Another shooting this one at the post centennial apartments. This man heard the shots and says Atlanta police need to step up everyday Life in Atlanta. I mean, whole bunch of shootings at the clubs. You know, Like I said, it just come to a PD tightening up at the shooting this morning. Two people were shot. We saw one being taken away in handcuffs and.

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