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Plenty of experience or unexposed like last crusader for example whose dream and whereas percent she pieces for carlberg daniel tuttle. There's also some very expensive horses in here. So lucy who is the worst that you will be siding with. Well i'm going to take a plunge of one that's probably a bit of big plunge Quite like his credentials. That's the kevin. Reinhold gives us up. Yes yeah i just think kevin ryan Aspect about this whole and this was his target. Oh since his win at pontefract he he was he. He had jim crappy minds. This horse am. I think he's run boss. Timeout good soft ground was property probably hindered his said his running because he was beaten. He was sick through seventeen the group to rich insights but yeah that was on good ground and he's fought cool experience here at your coming round here on on his debut ram and a beat noneya knows his own second now on bitch phone ground so and then he went on to win pontefract and beat an i an force hallowed headed. My daughter joins beverly's so i think he given the fact that cameron has talked this this race and given the fact he's got coach. Experience on hopefully goods found ground. I think he he has a strong chance. But it's i think it's really good race. I thought she shot. It might be favourite but perhaps The return horsely fail will come in for some more support but yeah. I fought chevelle oversee given his road. Ask victory over. Six finals. Outscored ground as well. He's beaten last time out in invinci- sorry good with that was seven. So i'm bowling dropping back and trip. And he was a winner over five at newbury and actually bonus that say so he. He's one prince of money already. This horse boxer shutter for real informed trading andre building and then you've got some edward bethel's horse fear buys well who has run here of the minimum trip but running ready. Well and i thought yeah. I think he's really strong race. Which defies wolves finches. Carrots shouldn't ignore him as well. Iran ready while at school. I actually. I actually bet on him not day who's a huge price stakes and really well to finish third. That was behind boxers And he's better off the weights in this race if he's giving back shabby three pounds. So vintage Fascinating runoff rich affiars having a bit of a quiet spell but he wouldn't be surprised if the whole site this could could get him back on the scoresheet but my selection will become ryan just given the fact that he has confidence behind this horse and cameras to euros running. Well y'all no stranger to group group race victory in a two year old division. I really like gives us up. I'm delighted again that you said that. I'm a huge fan of the source with a defeat to bosh by the way is a fantastic show as available on amazon prime was a great education at york. So he has that experience he's then one and He's not beating far good beaten two three links but soft ground property. Didn't help him and by acclamation. Good to firm ground will verma suit eighteens. Eighteen to one gives us upcoming. Stole for. Roy dot argue. Follow up with each way. Bet on the wrist. Delory i think lucille should be a shorter price on espn. He's a really really strong favorite. I don't understand why so weaken the mark. He's beaten a winners big group winner. Group one winner The july stakes in a really fast time. Last time i look state. Aid relishes fast brind. He's lots of speed He really should be a short price. Favourite the voices. I don't miss the two i did. we're lucille. I felt the only way lucille would get this. Rhys was a gives a saab Loosen the lead on stole it from the front which i thought was a real possibility So it wasn't. It wasn't my first pick in the race. But he was one other horse aside from to seal. I thought offered value on out. For once in your life This year generally of playing the executor with going. For god's sake gave the gam care. I think this does make a lot of sense. I think that some of the good horses the second third. Sorry the first second and third nicole country were helped massively by the fact of not rich was wrong. One of a couple of racism Last were the leaders went stupidly fast. I mean stupidly fast On the old failed they'll fell in a hole. The first three came from well off the pace finish. First second and third the other race related dont get onto Was the kingston's Where they went they wanna crazy pace on again it c- atm through to dominate In the end So while boxer. Sean was a decent horse He was very well suited by an overly strong pace at a stiff stakes I'm not sure especially given your ships them. Google is a semi with. I don't think he wants a quick six. All he's also drawn right on the wing which i don't think it's a positive Again the the perry was seconded searched him just slightly slasher by the fines that the race was not as also true to degree of fear of it was really impressive. Again in the rest of the leaders went too fast for the conditions. Were five furloughs not pool if it was off the bridle before a few But he was the strongest or the most not Really impressively but again his boot would Indicator of his of his opposite ability than than the brompton sometime on yet were rubbed. We're pretty much singing from the From the same him sheet here. I said you know. Because i'm negative about a number release towards the head of the marcus shot was going on really nicely at the end of the Tom at goodwood leading wellbeing. That six hundred dollars and not contest so he seems ridiculous image of the stable miles with this country But i wouldn't be back in one hundred thirty here Henrik jones is arguably the one of those that i've mentioned that that's a little bit overpriced. Because he's a new locking running in is since july stage or In the In at sam of the vintage of would last time That he was bobby hampered in that respect trying to come to the wrong He was drawn on the wrong side of the trunk of the july stakes. So i can see him closing the gap there. I can see him getting closer to one to show But it's a little bit of a stretch to see him winning this race. And then as i said each go through the field and you go well. Not modern Fostered by phone line on the one you look at the horseshoe is better than his wrong. Last night is gives us up I don't know. I don't know why did just announced what made that race. A bit of a mess Because i think everyone expected the of go on. Go fast in richmond stakes on. He was the only obvious frontrunner in the race on if he walks not at turns. Enjoy the loss of hard-luck stories because it didn't go find some i expert on race at goodwood. You don't expect them to sort of cruel along for the first couple of i'm not as harshest Along but it wasn't it wasn't expected to be sub was not a tulsa by being held the wrong word pay didn't go to the front and be pooled hard than because he wanted to get on with things i guess. When you're gonna watch that gun you want to say we want. We don't want to be one dimensional. We see if you'll if you'll settle under a strand so we could different ways of writing Good and i think makes me even more start another gonna just let him rule along here And if that's the case i don't think many lease with them really Lucille might end up being discloses challenge earlier on. But i think the steel hopkins will be a massive rushed. Let's let's just go. let's go. Sixteens gives us up right but but but during shit wrong decision. There's you don't wanna be against him a toll so we're having having the exact. Do have the reverse talked as well because associated. Those i can. I can blindingly obvious. Way this research fund beyond the of the paraffin. One thing. you don't wanna see. Is google on on than puddles Go straight up to to to join bowel. That's the one scenario looking lou everything. I'm walter as long as it gets a reasonably easy. Laid under sale is is Sort of trust pay without not putting pressure on than not gives the power them their maximum chance of winning..

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