Donald Trump, North Korea, South Carolina discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


Hundred percent tired of this additive edited dirty now and wayne mess him. Oh yeah. I never fucking hurt you. Either the kisco capelle annoy in the u._s. Congress challenging donald trump with the twenty twenty rubbing reservation joe walsh. Are you get you. You are challenging donald trump for the republican nomination but they don't go your job but that news view today south carolina nevada arizona and kansas say they will not even allow a primary challenger that why are they so insecure. I thought donald donald trump was ninety percent popular in their public and party. They can't even ever primary challenger. Who's gonna lose. You're gonna lose not necessarily. You're not going to take the nomination away from trump. Oh i've got a shot. Oh absolutely bill would think about that on television shot and this guy who doesn't have the in the next general election days what i love about america. We are not north korea. We're not russia think about what trump did today. Trump wants to eliminate elections. He told south carolina relying arizona nevada and kansas no primary elections. You talk about undemocratic bullshit in this coming from party moghinyeh the footsie..

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