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I'm so glad that i as you yes. No many the voice introduced me. And i'd be knowing and that thank you. I was like out of their. How bottomless thing going to do. You know what you do. Where can they follow you on instagram. You follow me at you. I'm an eagle instagram. My am iae k. k s. Why why m. a. n. k. You can follow me on twitter. I don't do websites. Although i you know man just telling me i should so give me a couple of months. Maybe i'll put interesting together facebook. I barely do that. I also have a podcast. You can listen to rant and rave. But now i would tell your caucasian listeners. Just be prepared because A lot of weight. He'd been doing wrong so it's not a white hair free zone. Yeah no no. No and then i bring my wife friends on and i make him cry. So it's a lot of a lot of black blood and white ears out there sweetie. Let me tell you how walk i am. Sometimes i sing karaoke strange fruit at connie bring the shit to a screeching halt. I love to do it when it's at least five of my white friends there and maybe having sit in the kariuki rotation that's the problem so wild to me honey from but bob do better known the song you gotta know the song because the way. It plays karaoke. You don't know what you could get off quick easy. Yeah so why not. Why not thank you so much. thank you having me. And we'll see more of you because you ain't going nowhere strivings podcast network..

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