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I'm gonna do something now a little bit different than I normally do and of course I would I talk about the the national media and and how they have really dropped the ball when it comes to the Mike Flynn story this is a a piece that was written by heather Digby Parton in salon dot com and it is entitled Michael Flynn walks free and Donald trump's massive betrayal of America continues she's obviously a leftist hi heather Digby Parton also known as Digby was the winner of the twenty fourteen Hillman prize for opinion and analysis journalist so I don't know what the Hillman prizes but apparently she wanted which I guess means she's some writer of note and this is what she writes it with regard to what Michael Flynn and Donald Trump will Flynn B. right wings Nelson Mandela of course that's insulting but so is the entire presidency this entire presidency referring to Donald Trump and she writes in this time of global pandemic and Great Depression economics so let's stop right there and Great Depression economics if you're listening earlier today I talked about a group called the Lincoln project and they have an ad out there and they're attempting now to lay the economy the current state of the economy at the doorstep of Donald Trump they're trying to lay every coronavirus death at the doorstep of Donald Trump hoping that by the time the election gets here people are forget what it is that caused us to be in the situation that we're in so that's how she starts off global pandemic and Great Depression economics she writes it seems almost quaint think back just a few months remember simpler days once upon a time we were all concerned with the impeachment trial of the president of the United States and that is true concerned with the impeachment trial of the president of the United States while this is the wheel on virus was just getting rolling in China and this country so you've you've probably seen the the videos you see in the pictures Nancy Pelosi while people are catching the coronavirus we're getting our first reports of coronavirus here and and the United States Nancy Pelosi was handing out pens to all her a buddies there in Washington so she continues talking about the the impeachment trial of president and worried about whether or not he had been bamboozled into betraying the nation to its cunning adversary Vladimir Putin so she writes this in light that we know none of that was true but she writes it anyway the trump is a pop up puppet of latam you're put it all seems so far away now as we face the daily onslaught of statistics showing Americans dying by the tens of thousands and thirty million people out of work but then the Russia investigation and the Ukraine scandal of which there was no scandal with Ukraine we're really just an earlier chapter the same story the Donald Trump magnum opus called American carnage want to trust any leads inexorably to the other on Thursday we witnessed another nail being pounded into the coffin of the department of justice as Attorney General bill bars attempt to re write the conclusions of the mall report continue unabated we still await the release of the derm report which looks at this point to be a bi partisan hit job run out of the attorney general's office she has absolutely no evidence of that but she writes in anyway and she also writes that bill Barr is attempting to rewrite the conclusions of the middle of the molar report and what were the conclusions of the whole report no collusion no obstruction but yet they see this is how the leftists in this country thank they think there can be only one narrative and there are people who still believe to this day you may be listening to me right now you may believe that trump didn't collude with Russia you may believe the trump did act in a way the president did act in a way with the leader of Ukraine to try and gain some favor politically and get some dirt on Joe Biden but we know now that none of that is true so let's get back to the peace here by ms up Digby Parton heather Digby Parton let's see but in the meantime barn his accomplices decided to give the trump called a little red meat to tie them over by dropping their prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn the man who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and that is true Michael Flynn did lie to the FBI why did he lie to the FBI because they set him up with an improper investigation told him that his son would be going down next after him if he didn't cop to something totally fraudulent totally wrong any pleaded into it anyway he's not the first one to plead guilty to something he didn't do and we know that beyond any shadow of a doubt now it is not in the least surprising the bar would be sympathetic to Flynn even without president trump trump open proselytising on his behalf they are both immersed in right wing fever swamps at a level that makes them little more credible than your average GMAT got Twitter bot okay clever writing there but I have no idea what any of that means Barcelona's true colors when he auditioned for the Attorney General job by writing an unsolicited memo to the White House explaining why the mood Mueller investigation was illegitimate okay unsolicited so what your lottery it yet we have freedoms of speech freedom of expression in this country he can write a memo to the White House if he sees fit and the Mueller investigation was illegitimate as we now know but she writes this as though none of that A. I. has come to light when famously let his wing not flag fly at the Republican convention in twenty sixteen when he led chants of lock her up later he extolled the virtues of this race far right provocateur Milo you're not you're you're not apple is I can't say last name and spread conspiracy theories that accuse Hillary Clinton of pedophile you're telling me that my slender that spread conspiracy theories of Hillary Clinton pedophile you if that's true I have I have not seen that so we'll have to let that one pass for now when Flynn was first arrested he seem to sober up and cooperate with federal prosecutors well at least there were reports from unnamed sources and it and this goes back this is been a hallmark of the trump era in the national media unnamed sources so when Flynn first got arrested these unnamed sources were saying that he was going to flip on trump and testify against them never happened you seem to sober up and cooperate with federal prosecutors offering them value information with regard to his various nefarious and lucrative schemes with foreign governments as a result Miller's team went remarkably easy on him recommending probation so the only way she gets that is because he did some work with some of foreign companies or some foreign governments and not may not have been registered as a foreign agent that's a really nothing more than a paperwork com a complication let's see the judge in this case one oppressed our rental plan here to try harder Flynn sentencing was delayed and in the interim he returned to the fox news bunker fired his competent lawyers and replace them with political hacks people fire their lawyers all the time it's no big deal and the lawyer he hired was the one that was able to achieve the the result that we had this week turned out to be a smart strategy afterall hill in all likelihood be able to make a great deal of money in the wing nut welfare racket after he becomes the Nelson Mandela of the trump campaign I have no idea what that means and she says it's not an exact adds it's not an exaggeration the daily beast reports two years ago when Nelson Mandela came to America after years of political persecution he was treated like a rock star by Americans John McLaughlin one of president trump's chief pollsters told the daily beast on Thursday evening now after over three years of political persecution general Flynn as our rockstar a big difference is that he was persecuted in America he was persecuted in America by an out of control FBI that appears to have been directed from the White House at that time and the person in the White House that time was Barack Hussein Obama Michael Flynn did not serve a day in jail this move to drop the indictment is unprecedented show favoritism for an ally of the president of United States Mandela she writes with question mark not exactly question mark so this whole notion of comparing Michael Flynn to Mandela seems flimsy at best I really don't understand that because one person happened to use a term rockstar and she equate that with Mandela somehow and this woman want to price for a analysis analysis journalism but I continue to New York times quoted several legal scholars were flabbergasted by this decision all saying the legal rationale was absurd former federal prosecutor in New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram argued that the context of the Cision is even more important Barr's justice department was undercutting law enforcement officials and prosecutors who investigated twenty sixteen election and its aftermath which we now know was all totally fraudulent what is she talking about she's pretending like a lot of other people want to pretend that this was somehow legitimate effort on the part of the FBI and prosecutors to rack up plan and go after trump I continue she continued not one legal and SO four or five prosecutor could think of a case in which someone had lied to the FBI Empleados guilty twice he did not lie to the FBI even the agents who interviewed him and then we also know that the three oh twos the the reports as they right after the interview or altered as well the FBI was the one doing the line so they want to act like this is unprecedented unprecedented they like to say but none of it was true the predicate for all this none of it was true and bar knows it she says get a load of this smug comment to CBS news revealing to all the world that this is nothing more than partisan combat so Catherine Herridge who is an outstanding reporter one of the few and not in the national news media I used to work at fox recently went to CBS news she's interviewing bill Barr and she asks how long history look back on your decision to drop charges against Flynn and Barbara says this in response well history is written by the winners so it largely depends on who's running the history and that is true.

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