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Going to be the Bears versus the Saints. Down in New Orleans and then Browns Steelers. We think We think that game's going to be played. We don't know how They're not gonna let Kevin's the fancy call plays from his house. You can't put on this Bobby Valentine mustache and sneak in. Because, you know, covet. But they're gonna go out there and they're going to try against the Steelers tonight. Here's I want to ask you and we've been having a conversation about doughnuts as well. It could be an overall theme of the show because I love me some donuts and I'm trying to put together my post pandemic. Travel plans. I'm asking people to share their favorite doughnut places from around the country, and I could put a list together for myself for when I get back on the road and start checking these. I know there are some people who want to jump in on that if you want to talk about any of the games I'm here for you. And I want to ask you a specific question. I got I throw out stuff on Twitter sometimes usually before the show. If you would like to follow me, you're like, Hey, I just heard about this guy I want to know about him. At Lawrence. W. Holmes. L a U, R E N c E, then my middle initial, which is W. And then my last name, which is homes like Sherlock. Got it. Paul, Three of those together at Lord's W. Holmes, on Instagram on Twitter is where you can find me. I threw this out yesterday. And I'd like to talk with you about it, since we have a wide swath of people from coast to coast. Yesterday. You're watching the games. Maybe your team isn't in it. Maybe you're in Las Vegas, and you're like the Raiders aren't in it. Maybe you're sitting there in New York. You know, like the Giants aren't in it. I want to know what the criteria is for you to have a rooting interest. In a game like what is the thing that turns you into a fan for the three hours that you're watching one of these playoff games like you picked the team that you kind of want? Win, even if the team is not your team. I want to know what goes into that now. I know that some people hit me up in there. Like well, do I have money on the game? Right. I get that I get the idea that you put some shackles down and you're rooting for that, Or you're rooting for the over, Didn't he over in the overcame in writing the Rams Seahawks game and it looked like there was no way that that was going to happen. Before, I think, Yeah, it was 50. Because the over under I think was 42 a half So I want to know from you what goes into Picking the team of the moment. You've got two teams in front of you. And you're like, Hey, this is the team that I'm going to root for. Tonight in this three hour window that I am watching the game. If you like to call us, 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 Mary. 855 to 1 to four. CBS is the number if you want to get in and be a part of it. Let me share. Some of the answers that I got. I got a lot of responses to this. 50 different responses on my Twitter feed. You this question. Let me give you some of the responses that we saw. This from Sean, he says impact players rooting interest in the best players in the game, making big plays. The outcome is not important until the game's over Also impact schemes. Groups of players. AII the legion of Boom or the Niners run game last year. I'm with him on both of those like what the 40 Niners were doing with their run game with Kyle Shanahan. And they're running it. It's sexy. People think that you have to play this kind of smash mouth football. It has to be down in there. It could be sexy. You could be just as sexy as a passing game, a great passing game. If you do it correctly in last year watching the 40 Niners just say Yeah, we're gonna We're gonna run the ball and we're gonna throw it to our tight ends. We dare you, we double dog Dare you to stop us? Was pretty great. That's a good response. This for man for it. Wait. He's not man for he was making a joke about Rob Manfred, His name's Anthony. And then he says, Here's my hierarchy. One. Team that indirectly benefits my team if they win. You team played against a hated rival. Okay, I get it so What do you do if you what if you Wow, What do you do if you're a Bangles fan today? Tonight. Do you just not watch? Who are you rooting for? Brown's The Steelers. Three novelty. Four team that has better narrative by winning in five, the team that has a former great player from a favorite team. So that's the kind of give you an idea, And there's some more answers in here, which will get to you through throughout the hour, and throughout the morning, it'll be kind of a theme of the hour. But I do want to get to your phone calls, and you're more than welcome to join us. 855 to 1 to 40 G 7855 to 1 to four, CBS. Let's go to Jacksonville and talk with Gary. Hey, Gary, you're on CBS Sports radio. Good morning, getting off donuts for a minute. If I may sure talk a little football. I think it's elementary. Mr Holmes. What I'm looking for is Lamar Jackson today He's gotta prove it to me. Every year here from ready baseboards issues here this year. And Lamar Jackson, I I realize you're still young, but he's like to think the sex In the plants in a row, and he continues if they're wanted done again. The whispers. I got louder and louder. About the.

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