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Sports The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO the Biden administration is sending Ukraine a small number of high-tech medium range rocket systems but not the longer range systems that could reach Russia In an essay for The New York Times President Biden says the administration is not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders Virginia lawmakers return to the state capitol today to vote on a budget that includes billions of dollars in tax relief and also allocates more money for teachers and other public employees and record spending on education A federal judge here in Washington will preside over a hearing today for John hinckley who shot president Ronald Reagan more than 40 years ago Hinckley is set to be released from restrictive conditions he has lived under since he's shot Reagan and several others back in 1981 Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes As the nation continues to see high inflation rates the Defense Department is reinforcing its policy on unexpected costs and contracts Federal news networks Scott marioni explains The Pentagon sticking to many of its current rules for how it will cover unexpected costs as prices for goods and services increase in a new memo of the Defense Department says it will take on the burden of unexpected price increases in certain contracts Those include cost reimbursement agreements and fixed price incentive contracts other methods aren't as simple though firm fixed price contracts put more of a burden on businesses to carry increased costs However DoD says it's taking questions from companies in those situations about possible adjustments Scott Marcy federal news network It's 5 48 Traffic.

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