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Time anyway three things to know at one forty five a South Jersey man and his girlfriend were arrested and charged after his toddler son dis on Sentinel the caucus chaos in Iowa bronze the head of the Democratic National Committee to call for a week canvas having our top story president trump marks his impeachment acquittal in an hour plus White House event singling out allies for praise and using the folder word to refer to the investigations that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes bush with Dan mica at the end of your status the South Jersey couple is in police custody they're charged in the overdose of a little boy they wanna be's Mike already has the story a two year old boy is in critical condition at the children's hospital of Philadelphia recovering from a drug overdose the boy's father ray Drayton and dreams girlfriend Melissa Wilkerson both of mount Holly have been arrested the two thirty six year olds are facing a long list of charges including aggravated assault child endangerment cruelty and neglect after the toddler was found suffering from a drug overdose last month investigators say he ingested fentanyl and methamphetamine and anti opioid medication was needed to save his life it's unclear at this time of treatment and Wilkerson have hired attorneys Mike Dharti KYW newsradio the head of the Democratic National Committee is calling for a re canvas of all results in Iowa is the state party there continues to struggle to verify the data from Monday night's caucuses the move is a significant step it raises further questions about how long the results of the key results the key races I should say will remain outstanding in re canvas all the numbers that have been released by the state party would be checked against the results recorded at caucus sites the P. booted judge and Bernie Sanders are still locked in a close battle for first ninety seven percent of precincts reporting the judge has a point one percent lead over Bernie Sanders one major bookseller is taking a step back during the month that honors black history critics call it literary black face Barnes and noble is canceling plans to re issue twelve classics with major characters depicted on the cover with dark skin in honor of black history month the books include Moby Dick Romeo and Juliet and the wizard of oz featuring an Asian Dorothy in a pink dress other covers over as black and native American the joint project with Random House used artificial intelligence to look through one hundred books that make no reference to the race of their characters Deborah Rodriguez CBS news one forty eight now time to check sports and here's my Leon this sports reporting it is sponsored by sept that track you're riding your septic key balance on the septa apt learn more and I set the Philly dot com slash shaft the seventy Sixers will look to snap a three game losing streak tonight as they visit the team with the best record in the NBA the Milwaukee Bucks Sixers thirty one and twenty overall this season and they are coming off that embarrassing thirty one point loss in Miami on Monday night box forty three and seven although one of their losses did come at the hands of the Sixers on Christmas day at the center NBA trade deadline is set for three o'clock Sixers reportedly made a deal with Golden State last night Sixers picking up for Glenn Robinson the third and guard Alec Burks in exchange the Sixers give up three second round draft picks Sixers in the box and eight o'clock tip off tonight in Milwaukee wires will be home tonight New Jersey Devils in town flyers won their last two there six one on one of their last eight games last time out on Monday shut up the red wings in Detroit three nothing wires coming to tonight with sixty five points they sit in the metropolitan division right now they are holding down the second wild card playoff spot in the east doubles last in the division with forty six points this sports injury report is sponsored by Martin law the law firm for injured workers fires are expected to get the fence mention Goss despair back in the lineup tonight he's missed ten games following arthroscopic knee surgery fires in the devil's get underway at seven college basketball on the men's side Drexel home tonight James Madison visits the jacket women's hoops Saint Joe's visit Saint Louis C. in Leon thanks one fifty president trump is reveling in his impeachment acquittal CBS news special report this is sort of a day of celebration because we went through hell for just over an hour this afternoon at the White House president trump stage what he called an impeachment victory celebration applauding those who helped him belittling those who scorned and tried to remove him from office CBS's Stephen Portnoy I thank the number of his allies in the house and Senate who are gathered here today and he reminded these congressmen and senators of the power that he has over their Republican Party he repeatedly said that he selected many of them from lists of contenders for various offices that he was headed because it was his endorsement that directly led to their election as the president thank GOP congressman Scalise there was a reference to the day nearly three years ago when he was shot and wounded while playing softball Steve Scalise I actually honestly I think you're better looking now you're more handsome guy you you weren't that good looking you look.

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